The Power of 1,000

If the Maz­zanti Evantra Mil­le­cav­alli doesn’t get your blood pump­ing, there’s some­thing se­ri­ously wrong with your testos­terone lev­els


HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED a movie where you have a team of horses drag­ging any­thing around, be it a car­riage, a per­son or Zeus on a char­iot? It’s im­pres­sive, isn’t it? Now imag­ine be­ing be­hind the wheel of a car that’s be­ing driven by about 160 teams of horses. That’s what it’s like if you were in

Ital­ian mar­que Maz­zanti’s Mil­le­cav­alli.

The Mil­le­cav­alli (it lit­er­ally means ‘a thou­sand horses’ in Ital­ian ‒ doesn’t get any plainer than that) makes a claim of be­ing the “most pow­er­ful street-le­gal hy­per­car ever made in Italy” and was of­fi­cially un­veiled at the Turin Mo­tor Show last month. It doesn’t jus­tify what it means by that state­ment, con­sid­er­ing that it’s nei­ther the fastest (the Bu­gatti Vey­ron Su­per Sport has that record), or with the most horse­power (still the Vey­ron) or torque and pro­duced in Italy. But to be fair, it’s also over 500 ki­los lighter than the Vey­ron, so that’s am­ple com­pen­sa­tion for the 200 horses that it’s short of in sheer strength. It’ll get you from stop to a speed­ing ticket in 2.7 sec­onds flat, and it will get you to a li­cense sus­pend­ing 300kph in seven sec­onds. Even the Ital­ian Cara­binieri in their Fer­raris would have a bit of a chal­lenge try­ing to catch up with you.

In a coun­try that’s chock full of pow­er­ful su­per­cars, Maz­zanti Au­to­mo­bili makes a big claim, but if the Mil­le­cav­alli lives up to it, we’re happy to hand that “most pow­er­ful streetle­gal hy­per­car” over freely.

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