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What did they do?

Re­searchers from Ohio State Univer­sity put two types of mole sala­man­der on a tread­mill, one type was born via male/fe­male sex­ual re­pro­duc­tion, the other asex­u­ally from a sin­gle fe­male, and ‘en­cour­aged’ them to walk by pok­ing them in the back­side.

Why did they do that?

The team wanted to know more about how the salamanders pro­cre­ate in or­der to help with con­ser­va­tion ef­forts.

What did they find?

The salamanders that were born via male/ fe­male re­pro­duc­tion were will­ing to walk up to four times as long as their asex­u­ally pro­duced coun­ter­parts with some in­di­vid­u­als trekking for more than 14 kilo­me­tres (nine miles). The dif­fer­ence may be due to the asex­u­ally pro­duced salamanders hav­ing less var­ied genes and lack­ing in those re­spon­si­ble for pro­vid­ing them with en­ergy, the re­searchers say.

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