Why does eat­ing spinach make my teeth feel weird?

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As well as be­ing a great source of iron, spinach is packed full of ox­alic acid. When you chew spinach, cal­cium in your saliva re­acts with the ox­alic acid to cre­ate in­sol­u­ble cal­cium ox­alate crys­tals. Th­ese stick to your teeth and make them feel gritty or chalky. You may feel that drink­ing milk might help but its high cal­cium con­tent will only make things worse. The good news is that spinach does not dam­age your teeth. In fact, cal­cium ox­alate crys­tals are used in some den­tal treat­ments claim­ing to elim­i­nate sen­si­tiv­ity by tar­get­ing den­tine, which lies be­low the enamel. ED

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