Why do tat­toos fade? Can you de­velop dys­lexia as an adult? Do other an­i­mals get al­ler­gies? Does milk re­ally build healthy bones?

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Tat­too nee­dles de­posit ink be­neath the epi­der­mis. This is deep enough that the ink won’t be im­me­di­ately shed with the skin cells of the up­per lay­ers, but macrophage cells from your im­mune sys­tem will grad­u­ally ab­sorb the ink and dis­perse it. And the UV fre­quen­cies in sun­light are en­er­getic enough to break down the ink mol­e­cules over time, so tat­toos that are al­ways ex­posed – such as on the fingers or face – fade quicker than those cov­ered by cloth­ing. LV

Women from the Chin tribe of Myan­mar weretat­tooed as young girls, to pro­tect them from in­vaders. The prac­tice is no longeral­lowed, so these tat­toos are only seen on the older gen­er­a­tion

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