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In a hot en­vi­ron­ment like the African sa­vanna, stay­ing cool is es­sen­tial for sur­vival. And gi­raffes have sev­eral clever adap­ta­tions to pre­vent them­selves from over­heat­ing. Their large nos­trils al­low them to lose huge amounts of heat via air­flow, while the dark patches on their skin act as ‘ther­mal win­dows’ from which heat can es­cape. Be­neath each of those dark patches is an es­pe­cially dense network of cap­il­lar­ies, and the skin it­self con­tains en­larged sweat glands. On a hot day, blood can be redi­rected to the patches to be cooled ef­fi­ciently by sweat­ing, be­fore re­turn­ing to the heart.

Gi­raffes’ patches don’t just look pretty, they also help them stay cool

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