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Short write-up on Neil Gaiman


Neil Gaiman, an English born writer living in Minnesota, is the author of several books for both adults and children. During his younger years, he had a love affair with books and was often described as a child whom must have been raised within the walls of a library. His first real comic book series, Sandman, won him worldwide recognitio­n as well as the World Fantasy Award of Best Short Story. He has been making people fall in love with his stories ever since. Aside from writing novels, Gaiman has also done biographie­s, comics and even a few movies. Some of his most popular works are Coraline, The Graveyard Book and Neverwhere to name a few. Coraline was even turned into a movie that has entertaine­d a countless amount of both children and adults. You can find Neil Gaiman on Twitter as @neilhimsel­f and follow his blog at

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