Beyond Horizons

The Graveyard Book


When you first begin reading

The Graveyard book, do not be put off by the opening scene which may appear to put the story in the category of horror. In the beginning, a family is murdered by a man called Jack and the only surviving victim is an 18 month old who escapes from his crib and wanders into the neighborho­od graveyard. Once that part of the story is told, it quickly turns into a direction that is more children friendly and entertaini­ng, because once in the graveyard, the ghosts who reside there adopt the little boy, naming him Nobody. Bod (short of Nobody) lives in the spirits tomb and learns much from both the living and the dead. The story spans the boys growing years, from when he was a toddler to when he became a teenager. His new guardian Silas, who is neither a human nor a spirit, takes on the responsibi­lity of caring for Bod and getting him the human things he needs to survive. All of his new family is there to care for him, but Bod wants more. As he begins to venture further from the graveyard, he learns more about the living world and about his own strengths and weaknesses. This story of a precocious little boy is one of humor, suspense and heartfelt emotion. The fact that The Graveyard begins so alarmingly and goes in such an unexpected direction speaks volumes about the talent and imaginatio­n the writer has poured into it. This is a must read for all children and adults who enjoy a good story.

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