Beyond Horizons

Dear Readers,


Welcome to the first issue of Horizons! Like most firsts, you’re probably unsure of what to expect yet eager to find out. We’re glad to say we’ve got an exciting line-up for you to kickstart the year! Want to know what’s all the rave about fantasy books and how do the latest ones fare? Or perhaps you’re looking for some handy health tips? We’ve got it covered in this inaugural issue!

To top that, we present some gripping topics such as ‘Is War Justified?’ and the intense wrath of the tsunamis that struck Indonesia in both 2004 and 2010. Take a look at these articles and you just might start counting your blessings.

Before you start exploring this first issue, we’d like to extend an invitation to you to send in any essays that you may have written. We’re on the lookout for writers with fresh perspectiv­es and new ideas, so who knows, send your writings in and you could be featured in the next issue of Horizons! Oh, and remember to keep an eye out for things we can improve on and let us know!

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