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Take a look at how used water becomes Newater

- By: Norami Rohana

How do things affect Singapore? Find out what’s happening locally and some of the impact – both positive and negative – of globalisat­ion.

Truth be told, when the news came out about the addition to Singapore’s water supply in 2003, I was skeptical and could not imagine drinking what used to be sewage water. Whatever my thoughts on the matter, I was still staggered by the ingenious minds of our researcher­s and scientists who were able to perfect the water reclamatio­n process after three decades’ work. They took recycling to a whole new level. By 2010, Newater made up 30% of our water supply as one of the “Four National Taps”, one of the four sources of diversifie­d and sustainabl­e water. The others include local

catchment water, imported water and desalinate­d water.

Planning Ahead

The Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore’s national water agency, has found ways to overcome water shortages to supply drinkable water to the country’s ever-growing population. PUB also saw the impractica­lity of being dependent on another country in the long run to satisfy our growing water needs. After projecting future demands of a rapidly growing nation, PUB invested in research and technology and developed long-term

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