Liang Hui

25, Teacher

CLEO (Singapore) - - BEAUTY -

“I live with…

my par­ents, four si­b­lings and grand­mother in a ter­race house.

Our liv­ing ar­range­ment has led to some strug­gles…

Like the obli­ga­tion of tak­ing care of my grand­par­ents, and hav­ing the fam­ily dy­nam­ics change through­out dif­fer­ent stages of my life. As a teenager, it was like hav­ing two sets of par­ents. Dur­ing that time, I was more short­tem­pered and im­pa­tient, so I thought my grand­par­ents were over­bear­ing when in fact they were just con­cerned. I learnt to ap­pre­ci­ate hav­ing my grand­par­ents around be­cause they have plenty of life ex­pe­ri­ences to im­part to us.

When mak­ing de­ci­sions, I al­ways had to put my grand­par­ents be­fore my­self. While my friends were out par­ty­ing or go­ing over­seas to study, I had to ind a bal­ance be­tween hav­ing a so­cial life and stay­ing home to en­sure my grand­par­ents were never left alone.

My grand­mother bugged me to ind a boyfriend when she re­alised I wasn’t at­tached by the end of univer­sity...

She’d of­ten give me re­la­tion­ship ad­vice and con­tin­u­ously ask whether or not I’d found a boyfriend. Sur­pris­ingly, my grand­mother

is to­tally OK with part­ners stay­ing over at our house – it’s my par­ents who are not too keen on the idea of some­one stay­ing over, or liv­ing to­gether be­fore mar­riage.

What I love about liv­ing in a big house­hold is…

hav­ing this other per­spec­tive on life I wouldn’t oth­er­wise have. I’m grate­ful to be able to still live with my grand­mother be­cause I get to spend plenty of alone time with her.

In th­ese pock­ets of time, I’ve learnt a lot about her life, like what it was like to grow up in her era, and her re­la­tion­ship with my grand­fa­ther. It’s heart­warm­ing to be ex­posed to val­ues, tra­di­tions and cul­ture by watch­ing how my par­ents act to­wards my grand­par­ents. I feel like it has made me a more em­pa­thetic per­son.

I’ve ac­tu­ally never felt a lack of per­sonal space at home...

In fact, I like that feel­ing of al­ways hav­ing some­body at home to ask how my day had been and if I’d eaten. This was some­thing I took for granted when I was liv­ing at home, and missed the most when I lived on cam­pus in univer­sity.

My fam­ily is quite tra­di­tional, so I prob­a­bly won’t move out un­til I get mar­ried…

I have no qualms liv­ing at home with my par­ents and grand­mother be­cause I love their com­pany. It has never crossed my mind to move out at this point in my life be­cause I feel like I still want to be with my grand­mother. Mov­ing out be­fore mar­riage is a big no-no to my grand­mother, and rent money is deinitely not some­thing I would waste as I’m happy liv­ing in my cur­rent home.”

My grand­mother bugged me to find a boyfriend when she re­alised I wasn’t at­tached by the end of univer­sity...”

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