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Pisces 19 FEB TO 20 MAR

It will be a very dy­namic month for you in terms of your ca­reer. You may get the chance to go on a busi­ness trip or even get a job of­fer. While you’ll be en­joy­ing the chal­lenges thrown your way, don’t push your­self too hard. Tak­ing on too many projects may cause you to burn out, so take pre­cau­tions by car­ry­ing around sup­ple­ments. Also, make sure you don’t skip meals and ex­er­cise. Stay on top of your busy sched­ule (and look su­per stylish to boot) with Calvin Klein Cheers (Yel­low Gold PVD),

$469. Your re­la­tion­ship will also take a good turn as there will be bet­ter com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­tween you and your part­ner.

Aries 21 MAR TO 19 APR

You’ll be more fo­cused, pa­tient and metic­u­lous than ever. This will pay off in the face of te­dious, de­tail-ori­ented tasks. How­ever, you may come off dif­fi­cult and de­mand­ing, so take ex­tra care to show ev­ery­one re­spect and work on be­ing more sen­si­tive around your part­ner. It’s a great time to get fit, but re­mem­ber to take it slow and steady be­fore up­ping the in­ten­sity. You’ll be mak­ing some pretty good de­ci­sions for the fu­ture and may ex­pe­ri­ence quick progress in some of your projects. Con­sider re­ward­ing your­self with Calvin Klein Bril­liant Ear­ring With Sil­ver Swarovski Crys­tals (Pink Gold PVD), $119.

Taurus 20 APR TO 20 MAY

Your rul­ing planet Venus is in a sweet spot, so ev­ery­thing will go smoothly for you this month. You’ll feel con­fi­dent at work and im­press your co­work­ers and su­pe­ri­ors alike. Your health and fi­nances are in good shape but be sure to stay away from risky ac­tiv­i­ties. For at­tached Tau­ri­ans, your part­ner will shower you with more sup­port and care. It may also be a good time to make a joint in­vest­ment soon. Sin­gles can ex­pect new and in­ter­est­ing po­ten­tial part­ners to ap­pear in their lives. Add Calvin Klein Dou­ble Semi-choker (Yel­low Gold PVD and Stain­less Steel), $209, to your wardrobe for some in­stant glam.

Gem­ini 21 MAY TO 20 JUN

At work, your con­fi­dence and am­bi­tion is off the charts, but avoid mak­ing false prom­ises as they may come back to haunt you later. If your re­la­tion­ship is on the rocks, avoid get­ting into ar­gu­ments with loved ones. For sin­gle Gem­i­nis, wait un­til April be­fore get­ting into a re­la­tion­ship. It’s easy to get caught up tack­ling that to-do list, but don’t for­get to get ad­e­quate rest. If you tend to suf­fer from heart­burn or in­som­nia, get­ting lots of sleep will do you good. Good news: you might get a nice bonus soon – cel­e­brate by treat­ing your­self to a Calvin Klein Dou­ble Ban­gle (Pink Gold PVD and Stain­less Steel), $169.

Can­cer 21 JUN TO 20 JUL

You’ll face chal­lenges at work and in your love life this month, but you’ll be able to over­come all ob­sta­cles with some ef­fort. While your fi­nances are healthy, it may not be the case with the state of your re­la­tion­ships. Spend­ing more time with your part­ner will help mat­ters a great deal. Sin­gles are un­likely to find a new ro­man­tic in­ter­est, but will be spend­ing a lot of qual­ity time with close friends. Bring out the detox teas and sal­ads as you may feel un­der the weather and face some di­ges­tion-re­lated is­sues. Keep your spir­its up through­out the month by treat­ing your­self to a Calvin Klein Rebel (Pink Gold), $359.

Leo 21 JUL TO 21 AUG

The start of the month will be rocky ca­reer-wise, but keep out of the lime­light for a while and al­lies will show up to help. Re­mem­ber to pop those vi­ta­mins to avoid health prob­lems with your eyes, nose and throat. You’ll need to be care­ful with your fi­nances this month, so cut down on those shop­ping trips and fo­cus on clear­ing any loans. Oth­er­wise, it’s all uni­corns and roses this month and Leos will be giddy in love. Im­press that spe­cial some­one on a date by putting to­gether a chic out­fit and ac­ces­soris­ing with Calvin Klein Dou­ble (Pink Gold PVD and Stain­less Steel), $139.

Virgo 22 AUG TO 22 SEPT

Work is pil­ing up, but you’ll bull­doze through it and reap great re­wards, so hang in there. While you’ll be in a good place fi­nan­cially, don’t be com­pla­cent and con­tinue to work hard. Pri­ori­tise health, love and well­ness over work this month – it might also be a good idea to go on a short trip with friends and fam­ily. Sin­gles, get out of your shell and start go­ing to par­ties – you never know who you’ll meet. At­tached Vir­gos, your part­ner will be thank­ful for your cur­rent car­ing and pam­per­ing mood. Don’t for­get to also spoil your­self with Calvin Klein Bril­liant Neck­lace With Blue Swarovski Crys­tals (Stain­less Steel), $129.

Libra 23 SEPT TO 22 OCT

You’re long­ing for a new work en­vi­ron­ment, but be pa­tient and wait un­til June as this month isn’t a good one for mak­ing big changes. Your en­ergy lev­els are high and you’ll feel as if you can take on the world, so now is a good time to con­sider sign­ing up for fit­ness classes and start­ing on a health­ier diet. If you’re think­ing about mak­ing a large pur­chase, take your time to de­cide. Re­mem­ber: pa­tience is a virtue. Li­brans will be lucky in love, at­tract­ing more than a few ad­mir­ers. Punc­tu­al­ity is sexy, so make sure you’re on time for that hot date with Calvin Klein Cheers (Stain­less Steel), $359.

Scorpio 23 OCT TO 22 NOV

Heated words may be ex­changed dur­ing a work con­flict. A lit­tle bit of re­search can make all the dif­fer­ence and get you out of that sticky sit­u­a­tion. You may need to make se­ri­ous fi­nan­cial de­ci­sions, so stay fo­cused and open to ad­vice. You may be dis­ap­pointed by a lack of hon­esty in your love life, but try to work things out be­fore de­cid­ing to throw in the towel. Neg­a­tiv­ity can cause health prob­lems – keep a pos­i­tive out­look and pam­per your­self with Calvin Klein Bril­liant Neck­lace With Sil­ver Swarovski Crys­tals (Yel­low Gold PVD), $149, to turn that frown up­side down.

Sagittarius 23 NOV TO 20 DEC

Keep your big ideas and plans to your­self this month – be­ing a lit­tle self­ish can help you avoid fu­ture dis­putes at work. Turn on your charm and get ready for an in­ter­est­ing re­la­tion­ship or two, but do not rush into any­thing. You may feel perky one day and lethar­gic the next – dis­con­nect and set aside some time to recharge. Money will be rolling in, but be dis­ci­plined and spend your hard-earned cash on qual­ity items that last. When it comes to clothes and ac­ces­sories, go for ver­sa­tile pieces like the Calvin Klein Blast Rings (Stain­less Steel and Black & Pink Gold PVD), $129.

Capricorn 21 DEC TO 19 JAN

It’s time for you to set new pro­fes­sional tar­gets or re­vamp your busi­ness. Your fam­ily will be your main fo­cus this month, and your loved ones may even call upon you for help. Sin­gles who feel lost in terms of their love life should be flex­i­ble and make big moves if they want to see re­sults. Avoid mak­ing big in­vest­ments and don’t be afraid to cut your losses if your ex­ist­ing in­vest­ments aren’t do­ing so well. You’ll be burst­ing with en­ergy, so it’s a good time to in­dulge in sports or take up a new hobby. You’ve been work­ing hard too, so treat your­self with a Calvin Klein Rebel (Pink Gold PVD), $359.

Aquarius 20 JAN TO 18 FEB

Keep your eye on the prize: you’ll get over the moun­tain of work stand­ing be­tween you and your pro­fes­sional goals soon. It’s a good month to ad­vance your ca­reer and re­la­tion­ship – both will progress smoothly as long as you put in the ef­fort. Not get­ting ad­e­quate sleep will greatly af­fect your health, so en­sure you’re not con­sum­ing too much caf­feine or al­co­hol. You may feel a de­sire to splurge on some gad­gets or a big va­ca­tion, but only do so if you can af­ford it. If your fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion is in great shape, you might want to spoil your­self with a luxe buy like the Calvin Klein Rebel (Stain­less Steel), $299.

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