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Ng Zi Xuan, 24


In case you haven’t no­ticed, Zi Xuan is ridicu­lously good-look­ing. We’ve learnt through­out the course of this com­pe­ti­tion that he’s flir­ta­tious and cheeky, and also self-dep­re­cat­ing at times. And it’s this tri­fecta of good looks, charm and wit that makes him the win­ner of CLEO Most El­i­gi­ble Bach­e­lors 2018.

We’ve spent many Sun­days with him, watch­ing him per­fect his body rolls for the strip­tease per­for­mance. But we’ve also seen him make a fool of him­self dur­ing the Bach­e­lors In­sid­ers date, for the sole pur­pose of break­ing the ice and en­liven­ing the mood. There’s a very en­dear­ing qual­ity to him, de­spite the “cool guy” per­sona you get from his In­sta­gram pro­file.

So here’s the mil­lion-dol­lar ques­tion: what does it take to score a date with the Most El­i­gi­ble Bach­e­lor of 2018? “She has to want to work out,” he replies, with­out hes­i­ta­tion. “It’s my lifestyle, and work­ing out is a ma­jor part of my life so it’d be nice if we’re able to do it to­gether,” he ex­plains. He hits the gym five to six times a week, spending about two hours there each time. So, given his self-dis­ci­pline, it’s no sur­prise that when it comes to his other half, he’s look­ing for some­one who’s driven.

“There’s just some­thing about some­one with a pur­pose. They know what they’re do­ing and have their sh*t to­gether, and that’s very at­trac­tive to me,” he ex­plains.

But don’t mis­take Zi Xuan for some­one who’s all work and no play; he main­tains that he’s ac­tu­ally quite a chill guy, and says that his idea of a good hol­i­day is just bumming out at the beach. And did we men­tion that he re­ally loves rom-coms? So much so that he con­fessed to hav­ing watched For­get­ting Sarah Mar­shall about 10 times al­ready.

“Rom-coms just have a cer­tain in­ter­pre­ta­tion of ro­mance you don’t get in the real world!” he says in their de­fence, al­beit with a chuckle. “Ev­ery­thing is very ex­ag­ger­ated… Like some­one will get on the plane, and the guy will have to chase her down at the air­port and stuff, which never hap­pens in real life, you know? So when it hap­pens in rom-coms, it just warms my heart.”

Zi Xuan takes home $4,000 worth of prizes, which in­cludes a Swatch time­piece, a HAACH Lu­mi­nous Eye Treat­ment and Ma­rine Mir­a­cle Fa­cial, three ses­sions of Dr HAACH Dr Pro Laser, an Ur­ban De­cay ham­per, and $1,000 worth of cred­its from Kim­age.

Skin Noir Iron watch, $209, Swatch. Cuban printed shirt, $55.90, ZARA Men. Slim ta­pered jeans, $119.90, Levi’s. Feather neck­lace, $17.90, Ber­shka.

Over­heard from Z i Xuan: [From the CLEO Bach­e­lors’ #IWokeUpLikeThis story on]

“Why are they all naked? Must I be naked too? But I sleep with my shirt on. Al­right, I’ll take one in my SpongeBob box­ers, how’s that for a thirst trap?”

One to Watch Aaron Mos­sadeg, 26

@ACMOSSADEG When asked about his most em­bar­rass­ing gig when he was a strug­gling ac­tor, Aaron chuck­les and main­tains that he’s still a strug­gling ac­tor. But he does share a mem­ory that still makes him cringe.

“I was paid a de­cent amount of money for two to three hours of work… to be a statue of Sir Stam­ford Raf­fles. Not even the man him­self, but a statue of him,” he laughs. The gig was at a swim­ming club, and he had to walk around in char­ac­ter, tak­ing pho­tos with fam­i­lies there. The kicker came when a guy came up to him and asked where he’s from, and he replied in char­ac­ter, “I’m from Bri­tain.”

“His face was like, ‘dude, WTF?’ so in the end, I broke char­ac­ter and said ‘no lah, I’m from Sin­ga­pore.’ The pay was great, but that day cost a bit of my soul,” says Aaron with a shake of his head.

Since then, the Eurasian ac­tor (his dad is Turk­ish-Arab and his mum is EnglishDutch) has built up a steady reper­toire of roles. His most mem­o­rable? Play­ing Bryan Cordeiro on Fac­ulty, a drama se­ries about univer­sity life.

“It was my first main cast role, and I played a gay char­ac­ter.” While it was never ex­plic­itly said that the char­ac­ter's gay, the au­di­ence got what was im­plied.

“I re­ally wanted the role of Bryan,” says Aaron, who had au­di­tioned for mul­ti­ple roles on the show. “I didn’t like how gay char­ac­ters in lo­cal en­ter­tain­ment were be­ing por­trayed. A lot of gay char­ac­ters shown in lo­cal me­dia are car­i­ca­tures, so my ap­proach was to make it more re­al­is­tic and not be over-the-top.”

You'll see this CLEO Bach­e­lor on­screen again very soon – he’s in Fam!, a com­edy co-di­rected by Alaric Tay and star­ring in­dus­try vet­er­ans like Gur­mit Singh, Suhaimi Yu­sof, Ver­netta Lopez and Ben­jamin Kheng. It airs on Na­tional Day, so if you want to catch a glimpse of this hunk again, you know where to look!

Aaron takes home three Swatch time­pieces worth up to $650.

Skin Brushed watch, $209, Swatch. Al­tered trucker jacket, $169, Levi’s. Hawai­ian shirt, $44.95, H&M. Dog tag neck­lace, $17.90, Ber­shka. Beaded bracelets, $39.00, ALDO.

Over­heard from Aaron:

“I saw my brother flip­ping off a photo of me at the Fi­nals Party on In­sta­gram sto­ries.”

Fresh­est Face Kelvin Ho, 22

@CM_NIVLEKOH Ask Kelvin why he thinks he won this ti­tle and he’ll tell you he has no clue. But he’s a pretty de­serv­ing win­ner in our books – es­pe­cially given that he only had three hours of sleep the night be­fore but still made it to this pho­to­shoot fresh-faced. Plus, he takes care of his skin: he’s been ap­ply­ing mois­turiser and sun­screen on a con­sis­tent ba­sis. Do you know any guys who do both?

Suf­fice to say, this fi­nance stu­dent knows a thing or two about dis­ci­pline. It’s some­thing he cul­ti­vated when he was part of a Chi­nese or­ches­tra dur­ing sec­ondary school. “When I was a new­bie, I was given tough pieces to play, and I felt that play­ing them would be im­pos­si­ble. But the process taught me that pas­sion, along with a lot of ef­fort, will help you ac­com­plish your goals,” he says. “Of course, guid­ance is also im­por­tant.”

This CLEO Bach­e­lor also knows a thing or two about con­fi­dence, par­tic­u­larly be­cause he worked re­ally hard to be build up his own. Dur­ing his JC days, he was told he was “the worst” in class when it came to speak­ing, so he made a con­scious de­ci­sion to join Toast­mas­ters (a club that helps mem­bers with public speak­ing). Now, he calls him­self a “pretty con­fi­dent guy”. And it shows. “You know how some­times, peo­ple say you’re wrong? But you’re not ac­tu­ally wrong. You’re just do­ing some­thing out of the norm,” he says. “If I be­lieve in some­thing, I’ll go for it.”

And here’s another en­vi­able thing about Kelvin: he knows just how to get out of em­bar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tions. His pro tip? “Just stay cool and ig­nore those laugh­ing at you. Even bet­ter, laugh with them. If you do that, you come across as per­son­able and easy-go­ing, which can help you build a stronger con­nec­tion with oth­ers.”

Kelvin wins a HAACH Hy­dro Com­plex 10kDA Fa­cial and Eye Detox worth $502.

Skin Blue Iron watch, $209, Swatch. Trucker jacket, $169.90, Levi’s. Hawai­ian shirt, $45.90, Pull&Bear. Crew neck tee, $39.90 (for a two-pack), Levi’s. Slim chi­nos, $99.90, ZARA Men. Sneak­ers, $49.90, Ber­shka.

Over­heard from Ke lv in:

“I can read peo­ple quite well. If a friend likes a girl, I’ll be the first to no­tice!”

Mod­ern Man Leonard Heng, 22

@LEO.MVMT Does look­ing at Leonard make you thirsty AF? We’re with you. And if you think he's hot sit­ting down, wait un­til you see him move. This yoga and dance in­struc­tor has some se­ri­ous moves, thanks in part to the eight classes a week he teaches. If there’s any­thing to learn about him, it’s that he’s re­ally ded­i­cated.

In fact, dis­ci­pline and con­sis­tency are the names of this CLEO Bach­e­lor’s game. He says he picked up these two traits through danc­ing (which he’s been do­ing since he was six) but there are also other things he learnt through it, like hon­esty and ac­cep­tance. “There are ideal body types and idols you look up to in the in­dus­try. But if you’re too fo­cused on those things and not on your­self and what you have to work with, you’re just short­chang­ing your­self,” he muses.

Talk to Leonard and you’ll find him an elo­quent and self-as­sured guy, but he’ll tell you he wasn’t al­ways this way. “I had low self-es­teem as a kid. My ju­niors were way taller than me and the small stuff al­ways both­ered me,” he lets on. By the way, he sure caught up – he now stands at 1.8m.

And much as he’s a mod­ern man, he can be pretty tra­di­tional when it comes to fam­ily. “I re­ally, re­ally love my fam­ily. I al­ways look back on what they’ve done for me. I’m so blessed that they gave me the op­por­tu­nity to do things that were so risky,” he says.

“I was very much into dance and per­sonal train­ing and I didn’t get a di­ploma un­til I was 20. I was do­ing all the crazy stuff but they’ve never left my side. Ev­ery­thing I do is for them. Even join­ing this com­pe­ti­tion and get­ting in bet­ter shape – it’s all so I can pro­vide for them bet­ter.”

Leonard wins a Dr HAACH Dr Oxy­ge­neo Fa­cial worth $581.

Skin Pole watch, $230, Swatch. Linen jacket, $119, ZARA Men. Flo­ral-print shirt, $45.90, Pull&Bear. Slim ta­pered jeans, $139.90, Levi’s. Feather neck­lace, $17.90, Ber­shka. Sneak­ers, $129, and beaded bracelet, $39.00, both from ALDO.

Over­heard from Leonard:

“Guys and girls, thanks for reach­ing out to me to tell me that my dad is hot. Now, please calm down.”

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