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Leo 21 JUL TO 21 AUG

Stay on your toes and keep your cards close to your chest this month. It’s time to think twice about the in­for­ma­tion you give out to oth­ers and also the guid­ance peo­ple of­fer you. When it comes to fi­nances, though, trust your gut and seize the many op­por­tu­ni­ties that will be avail­able. Leos will also pay at­ten­tion to their emo­tional and per­sonal needs this month, so you may find your­self at­tracted to a po­ten­tial part­ner who can pro­vide them with the sup­port they need. Avoid over­work­ing and pam­per your­self with SOTHYS Uni­fy­ing Youth Serum, $169.

Li­bra 23 SEPT TO 22 OCT

As a peo­ple per­son, you may be con­sid­er­ing a ca­reer change if you cur­rently work alone. And it’s not just work that you’re con­sid­er­ing changes in; you’re forg­ing full steam ahead in all ar­eas of life! Learn to take things slowly so as to not over­whelm your loved ones. And re­mem­ber, Lady Luck is not on your side at the mo­ment and it’ll be good to avoid tak­ing risks. Don’t let bad habits take con­trol this month – set lim­its for your­self and try to get enough sleep. Try adding SOTHYS Detox Resur­fac­ing Overnight Cream, $179, to your pre-bed rou­tine.

Sagit­tar­ius 23 NOV TO 20 DEC

You’ll need to fo­cus more on your health this month as you may suf­fer from al­ler­gies, es­pe­cially those re­lated to the res­pi­ra­tory sys­tem. If you’re sin­gle, you may at­tract many suit­ors this month. Sagit­tar­i­ans in a re­la­tion­ship shouldn’t shy away from dis­cussing is­sues that have been both­er­ing them with their part­ner. Work will be de­mand­ing, but pace your­self and peo­ple will no­tice your ef­forts. De-stress af­ter a long day with SOTHYS Hy­dra 3Ha SetHy­dra-Youth Cream & In­ten­sive Hydrating Serum, $249.

Virgo 22 AUG TO 22 SEPT

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is key this month – avoid jump­ing head­first into com­mit­ments or sit­u­a­tions at work that could trap you. Au­gust is an ideal time to work on new ven­tures, so pick up a new hobby or get in­volved in a new in­dus­try. There may be a few bumps in the road for at­tached Vir­gos, who will find that hon­esty is the best pol­icy. Changes you make now are likely to last in the long run, so try to ad­dress health con­cerns and fo­cus on get­ting rid of bad habits. Put your best face for­ward with the help of SOTHYS Vi­tal­ity Youth Cream, $139.

Scor­pio 23 OCT TO 22 NOV

Your pa­tience will be tested in all ar­eas of your life this month, so think over your de­ci­sions and man­age your pub­lic im­age care­fully. The spot­light is on you at work, so put your­self out there and show­case your ideas and tal­ents. Scor­pios in long-term re­la­tion­ships will feel ex­tra af­fec­tion­ate this month, while sin­gles may be look­ing out for a fling. Feel­ing eas­ily frus­trated? Med­i­ta­tion or de­clut­ter­ing your home may help, and you can also try treat­ing your­self to SOTHYS Se­crets de Sothys Global Anti-age­ing Destress­ing Cream, $334.

Capri­corn 21 DEC TO 19 JAN

Your love life is due to blos­som this month. Sin­gle­tons will find po­ten­tial love in­ter­ests they can quickly con­nect with, and those in a re­la­tion­ship will grow closer to their part­ner. You’re also in the pink of health and will find it easy to form good habits. Au­gust is all about start­ing afresh at work and projects and op­por­tu­ni­ties you pre­vi­ously missed may be avail­able to you once more. With such a good month ahead, pam­per your­self with SOTHYS Multi-Ac­tion Eye Con­tour, $134.

Aquar­ius 20 JAN TO 18 FEB

You may feel a bit of frus­tra­tion in the work­place, but you can stop feel­ing that way with some pa­tience and un­der­stand­ing. You’re feel­ing ex­tra sen­si­tive so may over­re­act dur­ing this time – be care­ful if your part­ner is a fiery, ar­gu­men­ta­tive sign like Leo or Scor­pio or you guys will end up fight­ing. It’s not the best month to make any ma­jor fi­nan­cial de­ci­sions, so in­stead fo­cus your en­ergy on tak­ing care of your phys­i­cal and emo­tional health. Dress­ing for the weather and ap­ply­ing a con­cen­trated am­poule like SOTHYS Oxy­genat­ing Es­sen­tial Am­poules (7pcs per box), $89, can help.

Aries 21 MAR TO 19 APR

Au­gust will be a chal­leng­ing month in terms of your ca­reer, love life and health. As you may be feel­ing more bored than usual, you may feel tempted to leave a long-time po­si­tion and change up your ca­reer or re­la­tion­ship. If you’ve been do­ing your home­work and study­ing the mar­ket care­fully, mak­ing im­por­tant in­vest­ments will def­i­nitely pay off. How­ever, be care­ful when mak­ing big de­ci­sions, es­pe­cially if dan­ger­ous ac­tiv­i­ties are in­volved in any way. Treat your­self with SOTHYS Bi­o­log­i­cal Skin Peel­ing, $82.

Gem­ini 21 MAY TO 20 JUN

Au­gust will put your peo­ple skills to the test as a shake-up in the work­place will re­quire you to keep the team morale and your fo­cus level high. Thanks to a boost in con­fi­dence, you’ll feel sex­u­ally charged dur­ing this pe­riod, so be sure to make time to see your part­ner. You’re feel­ing com­pet­i­tive and dar­ing this month, but avoid tak­ing out loans or fi­nan­cial risks. In­stead, fo­cus your com­pet­i­tive streak on the sports field or at the gym, and then treat your skin to SOTHYS [W]+ Bright­en­ing Mask, $140, so you glow in­side and out.

Pisces 19 FEB TO 20 MAR

Au­gust is a good month to tie up loose ends and break away from bad habits. It may be time to wrap up old projects and move on to greener pas­tures, es­pe­cially for Pisces who have been look­ing for new ca­reers. Mean­while, make sure you avoid neg­a­tive en­er­gies and bol­ster your health through a bal­anced diet. Con­trol­ling your tem­per and fo­cus­ing on be­ing more tact­ful will go a long way. As you wipe the slate clean, make sure your face is in the same con­di­tion with SOTHYS Mi­cel­lar Cleans­ing Water, $82.

Tau­rus 20 APR TO 20 MAY

Your prac­ti­cal and re­flec­tive sides will come into play this month and you may find your­self torn be­tween per­sonal re­la­tion­ships and ca­reer goals. Fo­cus on tack­ling prob­lems in a diplo­matic man­ner and keep your im­age squeaky clean. It’s also a good time to an­a­lyse your re­la­tion­ships deeply; but be care­ful when de­cid­ing if there are ties to be cut as you may re­quire fi­nan­cial help from your loved ones. As Au­gust may be very men­tally tax­ing, un­wind with some dis­tract­ing games to keep your mind oc­cu­pied, or in­dulge in SOTHYS Nour­ish­ing Body Elixir – Cherry Blos­som & Lo­tus Es­cape, $72.

Cancer 21 JUN TO 20 JUL

You’re at the top of your fi­nance game, and you can max­imise on that by keep­ing up to date with cur­rent is­sues and trends. Work­place con­flicts abound this month; just be pa­tient and it should calm down. You may be feel­ing rest­less, but don’t be too reck­less in seek­ing a fast-paced fling or spend­ing all that pent-up en­ergy on high-speed ac­tiv­i­ties or it could end badly. Be­fore you make any rash de­ci­sions, re­lax and un­wind. Try pam­per­ing your­self with SOTHYS Hy­dra3Ha™ In­ten­sive Hydrating Serum, $185.

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