Stressed Out? Try This Yoga Pose

Whether you’re new or a pro, th­ese poses are per­fect for a lit­tle bit of self­care. All you need is a yoga mat, work­out clothes and a pos­i­tive mind­set. Na­maste!

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the Down­ward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) This strength­en­ing pose will bring oxy­genated blood to your whole body, mak­ing you feel more en­er­gised.


1. Kneel on the mat with your hands shoul­der-width and knees hip-width apart.

2. Press your hands firmly onto the mat.

3. Plant your toes on the ground and push your body up, away from the mat. Think of it as mak­ing your body an in­verted “V”.

4. Press through your hands and heels gen­tly to­wards the floor to feel the stretch.

the Bound An­gle (Bad­dha Konasana)

This hip-opener im­proves blood cir­cu­la­tion to the uterus and boosts over­all re­pro­duc­tive health.


1. Sit up straight and bend your knees to press the soles of your feet to­gether.

2. Hold your feet with your hands.

3. Gen­tly press your thighs and knees down.

4. Hinge your torso for­ward and in­hale deeply to lengthen your spine.

5. Re­lax your head and shoul­ders and breathe deeply to feel the stretch.

the Ea­gle Pose (Garu­dasana)

Want to undo the dam­age of a desk job? This pose helps to relieve ten­sion from both the up­per and lower halves of your body.


1. Stand straight with knees slightly bent.

2. Shift your weight onto your left foot and cross your right thigh over your left.

3. Hook your right foot be­hind the back of your left calf.

4. Cross your left el­bow over your right and bring your palms to­gether.

5. “Sit­ting down” as low as you can, lift your el­bows as high as pos­si­ble. You should feel the stretch in your shoul­der blades, hips, and an­kles.

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