MEN who be­lieve YOU OWE THEM SEX

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Ever turned down sex or a date? How’d the guy re­act? Did he snap and say women are “holes” just for “pok­ing”, or say you owe him sex?

It may sound un­be­liev­able that there are men this crazy and dis­re­spect­ful, but there are. And they’re called “incels”.

Incels is a creepy new trend on the In­ter­net — and if you’re a young woman who’s in­de­pen­dent, happy and just liv­ing your life, you’re their se­cret ob­ses­sion.

And that’s where things can get dis­turb­ing, and pos­si­bly very dan­ger­ous. Un­like reg­u­lar guys go­ing through a dry spell, incels (a port­man­teau word of ‘in­vol­un­tary celi­bates’) be­lieve that women owe them sex.

And be­cause they’re un­able to find a ro­man­tic or sex­ual part­ner (not that it’s any won­der why), they de­velop a deep ha­tred for women like you.

Ha­tred may seem like a strong word, but it’s not un­com­mon to see incels on the In­ter­net call­ing women “shal­low”, “stupid” and “evil”.

CLEO vis­ited some of the many on­line fo­rums where incels con­gre­gate, and what we found was shock­ing.

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