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Ever since you started ex­celling at work, they’ve made it glar­ingly ob­vi­ous they don’t like you any­more. Ex­pect the oc­ca­sional snide com­ment. At worst, they might turn the whole of­fice against you, so watch out.

Ca­reer coach Irene Lee from the Cen­tre for Ca­reer Ex­cel­lence sug­gests treat­ing that col­league “as if noth­ing has changed” be­cause their jeal­ousy is a nat­u­ral hu­man re­ac­tion, es­pe­cially if they feel things with you are no longer the same. At the same time, re­flect on whether you’re giv­ing credit to your co-work­ers where it’s due.

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