21 Dec - 19 Jan



This is the time to re-eval­u­ate your ca­reer path. With ini­tia­tive and hard work, you’ll be able to achieve your goals. It would also be wise to ex­pand your skill set, so con­sider tak­ing up classes or solo projects where you can hone your tal­ents.


Your re­la­tion­ships will be put to the test this year. If you’re at­tached, you may get into more con­flicts with your part­ner, while if you’re sin­gle, you may find your­self fall­ing for new po­ten­tial part­ners. What­ever the case, re­mem­ber not to let pos­ses­sive­ness get the bet­ter of you or you’ll deeply re­gret it. Re­mem­ber, com­mu­ni­ca­tion is key.


You’re known to be hard work­ing and dili­gent, but re­mem­ber to take a breather ev­ery once in a while or you may be forced to take a back­seat al­to­gether to care for your health. Con­sider set­ting an alarm to re­mind you to take breaks.


Main­tain­ing a steady in­come will be easy for you this year, but aquir­ing loans or bonuses may prove to be a prob­lem. If you’re run­ning your own busi­ness, be sure to man­age your bud­get re­spon­si­bly and keep a tight leash on your ex­penses. Work hard, then re­ward your­self with Swatch SKINNIGHT, $209, when it all pays off. Lucky Num­bers: 13, 17, 19, 26 Lucky Colours: Azure blue and baby pink Lucky Gem­stone: Green aven­turine

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