A Beauty with Brains

Don’t be fooled by the Poo­dle’s play­ful and goofy de­meanour! Ranked sec­ond most in­tel­li­gent dog breed, a Poo­dle could out­smart you in (al­most) every­thing that you do.


Mostly noted for its dis­tinct look and hair cuts, Poo­dles are a fairly well-recog­nised and pop­u­lar breed. Al­though fre­quently as­so­ci­ated with France, the Poo­dle is of Ger­man ori­gin; pos­si­bly de­scend­ing from the Bar­bet. As a mat­ter of fact, the word Poo­dle was de­rived from the Ger­man “pudel”, which means pud­dle or splash. Orig­i­nally bred to help hunts­man re­trieve wa­ter, the Poo­dle’s quick wit and de­sire to please has since al­lowed it to adopt more ar­eas of ex­per­tise, in­clud­ing show rings and as per­form­ing dogs with trav­el­ing troupes and cir­cuses.

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