Yo­ghurt Pup­si­cles

Want to help your pup cool down amidst the un­re­lent­ing hot weather? These frozen treats will do the trick!


There’s no rea­son your beloved pooch can’t en­joy a lit­tle “ice cream” every now and then. Yo­ghurt pop­si­cles, or “pup­si­cles” as they may also be called, are fan­tas­tic al­ter­na­tives for your fur kid!

Yo­ghurt — packed with cal­cium and pro­tein and an aid for di­ges­tion — makes a great base for the treat. Throw some fresh ber­ries (great source of vi­ta­mins) into the mix and your pooch can en­joy some­thing cool, sweet and healthy in no time.


1 cup plain, non-fat yo­ghurt ¼ cup fresh blue­ber­ries 2 cups fresh straw­ber­ries 1 ba­nana, peeled ½ cu­cum­ber, peeled


1. Blend all the in­gre­di­ents to­gether in a blender to a smooth con­sis­tency.

2. Pour the mix­ture into pop­si­cle trays or ice cube trays and freeze un­til solid.

3. Pop the frozen treats out of the trays and they are ready to serve!


Ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent fruits and veg­eta­bles, and in dif­fer­ent por­tions, to find a con­coc­tion that best suits your dog’s (and your) taste. You can use dis­pos­able plas­tic cups or ice cube trays to freeze your mix­ture in as well!

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