Trans­form Your Cat-board Into a Cat-house

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Ever found your kitty try­ing to fit them­selves into ran­dom boxes? Cats are in­evitably en­am­oured by an empty box so as lov­ing pet own­ers, we’re here to show you how to trans­form old, un­used card­board boxes into your kitty’s new home! Time to claw up your old cat-boards and trans­form them into a chic home for your cat!

Ma­te­ri­als you will need:

2 medium-sized boxes

Box cut­ter

Util­ity knife

Duct tape or pack­ing tape

(but prefer­ably, pain­ter’s tape) Mea­sur­ing tape


Acrylic paint

Paint­brush and/or paint roller Card stock or coloured pa­per Scis­sors

Hot glue gun

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