Glam­our Puss


The def­i­ni­tion of glam­orous, the Per­sian cat is beau­ti­ful with its flow­ing coat, sweet face and charm­ing per­son­al­ity.

The Per­sian is an old breed that was said to orig­i­nate in the cra­dle of civil­i­sa­tion of Me­sopotamia, which was later known as Per­sia (mod­ern-day Iran). The first doc­u­mented Per­sian dates back to 1620, when the fe­line was im­ported from Kho­rasan, Iran into Italy by Pi­etro della Valle, and from An­gora (now Ankara) into France by Ni­cholas Claude Fabri de Peiresc around the same time. It was said that the Kho­rasan cats were grey coated while the An­gora cats were white.

This long-haired breed of cat was known for its round face and short muz­zle. In the Mid­dle East, they are widely known as the Ira­nia cat while in Iran, they are known as the Shi­razi cat. While they mod­ern day Per­sian is known for their Mid­dle Eastern roots, re­cent re­search has shown that they are re­lated not to the Near East an­ces­tors but rather to their Western Euro­pean de­scen­dants in­stead.

It wasn’t un­til the late 19th cen­tury when breed­ing of these cats be­came pop­u­lar. While these fe­lines hailed from dif­fer­ent parts of the world in­clud­ing Per­sia, Turkey and Afghanistan, they were sim­ply known as “Asi­atic” cats, which of­ten led them to be bred to­gether.

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