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Chang­ing where you live — whether it be a new apart­ment, house or even a new city — is un­doubt­edly a stress­ful pe­riod. It’s easy to get caught up in all that needs to be done be­fore of­fi­cially mov­ing homes, but don’t for­get that it won’t just be a change for you and your family; it’ll be a change for your pet as well. To en­sure that a change of abode need not be ad­di­tion­ally stress­ful, here are our tips to help make your big move a calm and com­fort­able af­fair for you and your fur kid.

Ease them in

One of the best ways to pre­pare your pet for a move is to bring them to your new home even be­fore you have moved in. Of course, this may not al­ways be pos­si­ble, but if the land­lord or build­ing al­lows you to bring your pet on a “field trip” over, take advantage of this op­por­tu­nity. Do­ing so can help with min­imis­ing the shock of sud­denly mov­ing house as it won’t be com­pletely new if they’ve paid a visit be­fore.

Save pack­ing their things for last

What­ever your pet’s favourite toys

Mov­ing homes is a big change for all in the family — but it can be an even big­ger change for your fur kid.

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