What Is Your Spirit An­i­mal?

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1. How would you de­scribe your­self?

A Strongly mo­ti­vated

B Sharply in­tel­li­gent

C Sen­si­tive and in­tu­itive

D Con­fi­dent and strong

3. Which of these do you closely re­late to?

A Push through ev­ery ob­sta­cle - reach­ing the end goal is ex­tremely important

B Strug­gle to make important


C Vig­i­lant - able to change di­rec­tions quickly and when­ever nec­es­sary

D Coura­geous - face ad­ver­sity

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Mostly A: HORSE

You have the horse’s strong mo­ti­va­tion for life, per­sonal drive and pas­sion. Horses are also said be dis­ci­plined as they have a bal­ance be­tween act­ing on its in­stincts or on tap­ping on its“tame­ness”, a trait you may find in your­self!

Mostly C: DEER 2. Do you…

A Have in­tense emo­tions or

pas­sion­ate de­sires?

B Have an ap­petite for free­dom?

C Move through life and its

ob­sta­cles with ease?

D Of­ten take ac­tion or lead­er­ship?

4. Which word do you as­so­ciate your­self with?

A Dis­ci­plined

B In­stinc­tive

C Gen­tle

D Leader Deers are gen­tle an­i­mals that ex­ude grace and de­ter­mi­na­tion. They are said to be sen­si­tive and in­tu­itive of their sur­round­ings which al­lows them to re­main vig­i­lant as well. As your spirit an­i­mal, the deer will en­cour­age you to trust your in­stincts.

Mostly B: WOLF

Your sharp in­tel­li­gence with finely tuned in­stincts re­flects that of a wolf. Wolves also have an ap­petite for free which could be a sign that you should live life more freely. How­ever, wolves have an un­trust­ing na­ture and may strug­gle when mak­ing important de­ci­sions in life.

Mostly D: BEAR

An an­i­mal seen as strong and con­fi­dent, the bear is a source of courage and sup­port. As your spirit an­i­mal, the bear en­cour­ages you to re­flect on your in­ner strength, fear­less­ness and self-con­fi­dence.

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