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These shower so­lu­tions will make bath time less has­sle and hap­pier – for both you and puppy!

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In a re­cent New York Times roundup of de­sign and ar­chi­tec­tural trends, the de­mand for dog show­ers has shown an ex­po­nen­tial in­crease. These pet-only bathing sta­tions are turn­ing from a lux­ury into a ne­ces­sity as their raised plat­forms, cus­tomis­able show­er­heads and faucets al­low own­ers to com­fort­ably wash their

pets. Whether or not you have plans to ren­o­vate your bath­room to in­clude a bathing sta­tion for your furry friend, pet show­ers en­sure that your pets can roam hap­pily out­doors, while not track­ing mud around the house when they re­turn.

We know that wash­ing your pet tends to be messy and time­con­sum­ing. In Amer­i­can homes, these pet baths are made as pain­less as pos­si­ble through the in­stal­la­tion of pet show­ers. This sep­a­rates the peo­ple and pet bathing spa­ces, and keeps an­i­mal fur out of the bath­room. Al­though it is un­likely that Sin­ga­pore houses en­joy the lux­ury of space, there are other al­ter­na­tives to en­sure that pet bath times re­main as fuss-free as pos­si­ble.

One of the best pet shower tools would be the use of an ozone shower, such as The AOS OZONE Wa­ter Sys­tem. Ozone is es­sen­tially an Oxy­gen mol­e­cule that through a nat­u­ral elec­tric charge con­tains three Oxy­gen atoms in­stead of the nor­mal two, mak­ing it O3. The loosely bonded third atom is quick to break away, and as it does, seeks out other pol­lut­ing mol­e­cules and ox­i­dizes these con­tam­i­nants. Ozone thus works as na­ture’s most ef­fec­tive ster­il­iz­ing agent by elim­i­nat­ing bac­te­ria, fungi, mould and viruses with­out the use of chem­i­cal sprays and dis­in­fec­tants. Us­ing ozone wa­ter – wa­ter that has been in­jected with Ozone air – can de­stroy micro­organ­isms in just 10 sec­onds, dis­in­fect­ing and de­odor­iz­ing what­ever you clean.

The AOS OZONE Wa­ter Sys­tem is an easy-to-use sys­tem that pro­duces Ozone wa­ter on de­mand. It comes in both mounted and mo­bile mod­els, mak­ing it con­ve­nient to bathe your pet wher­ever you are. What this means for you and your pet is a quicker and cleaner bath time. Wash­ing them with Ozone wa­ter re­moves odours, bac­te­ria and viruses that may be hid­ing in their fur. It also aids in treat­ing any small wounds or in­fec­tions they may have. Bet­ter yet, it re­moves ticks and fleas.

Ap­proved by US FDA (Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion) as an an­timi­cro­bial agent that is harm­less to hu­mans and an­i­mals, the AOS OZONE Wa­ter Sys­tem can be used as of­ten as re­quired. Known for its dura­bil­ity, the pet shower sys­tem is built for a grand ten thou­sand hours of use. Even in the un­likely case that it is used for three to five hours a day, it will last up to four years with­out the need for main­te­nance. In ad­di­tion to bathing your furry friends, the AOS OZONE Wa­ter Sys­tem can be used for clean­ing their uten­sils such as wa­ter bowls and drink­ing foun­tains – mak­ing bath times a lot more ef­fi­cient.

A healthy and clean pet is a happy pet, so it’s time to jump on this trendy band­wagon with the

AOS OZONE Wa­ter Sys­tem and shower your pets in style.

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