Ves­sel of White choco­late mousse With coin­treau blood or­ange and jelly

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Spike your white choco­late dessert and tem­per its sac­cha­rin­ity with Coin­treau Blood Or­ange, which pos­sesses a grace­ful bit­ter­ness and sub­tle, sum­mery flavours contribute­d by the mel­lower tangy sweet­ness of the fruit.

Makes 2 Prep time 35 min­utes + 1 hour re­frig­er­a­tion

Cook time 10 min­utes

white choco­late mousse with Coin­treau Blood Or­ange

150ml white choco­late, coarsely chopped 2 tbsp blood or­ange Coin­treau 300ml cold heavy cream

3 large egg whites

20ml raw su­gar

» Melt white choco­late in a large bowl over

a bain-marie, then add blood or­ange Coin­treau and mix well.

» Turn off heat and al­low mix­ture to stand at room tem­per­a­ture for 15 min­utes. » Beat heavy cream in a bowl over ice un­til it forms soft peaks. Set aside at room tem­per­a­ture.

» Us­ing a mixer, beat eggs to soft peaks. Grad­u­ally add su­gar and con­tinue whip­ping un­til firm.

» Re­move choco­late from bain-marie and us­ing a whisk, fold in egg whites all at once. When the whites are al­most com­pletely in­cor­po­rated fold in whipped cream. Cover mousse and re­frig­er­ate for 1 hour or un­til set.

blood or­ange jelly

1½ tsp un­flavoured gela­tine 2 tbsp + 1 cup wa­ter

3 tbsp blood or­ange juice » Sprin­kle gela­tine over 2 tbsp of wa­ter, then mix un­til dis­solved.

» Heat 1 cup of wa­ter and blood or­ange juice for 5 min­utes.

» Strain liq­uid and add gela­tine mix­ture and mix un­til com­pletely dis­solved.

» Pour liq­uid into a round mould that fits the ves­sel you’re us­ing. Chill in the re­frig­er­a­tor un­til set, about 30 min­utes to 1 hour.

» Un­mould jelly and add to the top of mousse in the ves­sel, then serve.

Serax oursin bowl, Q In­dus­tries. Sylvie Co­quet amuse-bouche tray, Fu­luxe.

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