Truf­fle Dashi Braised Live Korean Abalone

Al­though they’re un­likely bed­fel­lows, truf­fles and abalone com­ple­ment each other’s umami nuances. On its own, the cov­eted fun­gus can be over­pow­er­ing, but in this dish, it brings out the sweet­ness of the meaty mol­lusc.

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Serves 4 Prep time 2 hours + 30 min­utes in­fus­ing + 4 hours mar­i­na­tion

Cook time 2 hours

truf­fle braised abalone

10g kombu

800ml wa­ter

10g kat­suobushi

6g wil­low tree mush­rooms (avail­able from Teck Sang)

10g ni­boshi (Ja­panese dried an­chovies, avail­able from MEIDI-YA Su­per­mar­ket) 3g gin­ger, smashed

9g galan­gal, smashed

8g aka miso (avail­able from MEIDI-YA Su­per­mar­ket)

8g red fer­mented bean­curd

5g black truf­fle

10ml white truf­fle oil

4 live Korean abalone, rinsed (shells re­served for plat­ing; avail­able from All­swell Mar­ket­ing)

» Make kombu dashi: in a 2-litre pot, com­bine kombu and wa­ter and bring to a boil.

» Lower to a low sim­mer, then add kat­suobushi, wil­low tree mush­rooms, ni­boshi, gin­ger and galan­gal.

» Cook for 1 hour un­til the flavours have in­fused.

» Strain mix­ture and add all other in­gre­di­ents ex­cept abalone into a pres­sure cooker.

» Add abalone into the pres­sure cooker and cook for 30 min­utes.

» Al­low abalone to cool in the pot.

» Re­serve abalone cook­ing liq­uid for squid ink vinai­grette step. Re­move abalone liver and save for other uses. Cube abalone. » Wash abalone shells and use to plate the dish.

ajit­suke quail egg

120ml fil­tered wa­ter

60ml dry sake

80ml ya­masa shoyu (avail­able from MEIDIYA Su­per­mar­ket)

70ml sweet cook­ing mirin

50g white sugar

50g white part of leek

6 quail eggs (keep ex­tras on hand in case of break­age)

» To make mari­nade, com­bine all in­gre­di­ents ex­cept quail eggs and al­low to in­fuse for 30 min­utes. Cool mari­nade.

» Boil a pot of wa­ter, then re­duce to low sim­mer.

» Care­fully lower quail eggs into the wa­ter and cook for 2 min­utes, then re­move and shock in ice wa­ter.

» Peel eggs in a bowl of wa­ter, then mar­i­nate peeled eggs in cooled mar­i­nate for at least 4 hours.

pick­led wood­ear fun­gus 10g dry wood­ear fun­gus 1 clove of gar­lic, smashed 100ml fil­tered wa­ter 100ml white wine vine­gar 25g white sugar

5g salt

1 dried bay leaf

½ sprig of fresh dill 1g yel­low mus­tard seed

» Heat all in­gre­di­ents ex­cept dry wood­ear fun­gus un­til flavours have in­fused.

» Pour hot mix­ture over fun­gus and al­low to pickle.

squid ink vinai­grette

10g squid ink

18g abalone cook­ing liq­uid (strained from cook­ing abalone)

18ml ex­tra vir­gin olive oil

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