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Vanya Cullen is his aunt, Mike Peterkin of Pierro is his dad. With lin­eage like that, 32-year-old Nic(ho­las) Peterkin has of­ten been dubbed ‘Mar­garet River roy­alty’ – and he cer­tainly knows wine. While also the vin­tage wine­maker for Pierro, he set up his own ex­periemen­tal win­ery, LAS Vino, to dab­ble in lesser used va­ri­etals in the area such as Touriga Na­cional and Chenin Blanc. Since we met him, he’s been knee-deep in this year’s vin­tage, the sixth for LAS Vino, and he also re­leased a naughty lit­tle num­ber called F**k Him last year, which gar­nered in­ter­na­tional at­ten­tion as it was di­rected at a cer­tain di­vi­sive po­lit­i­cal leader (just check out the la­bel).

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