Ar­ròs amb Gambes

Ask any Spainard and they’ll say Catalunya has the best seafood in the re­gion. The crown jewel is the bright red gamba de Palamós (prawns from Palamós) that’s best en­joyed in the Ar­ròs amb Gambes (rice with prawns) with a glass of white and a view of the


sofrito (paella base)

100ml olive oil

1kg ba­nana shal­lots, diced

5 cloves of gar­lic, finely diced 500g red bell pep­pers, finely diced a dash of sea salt

250g to­mato, ripe

1g saf­fron

» In a hot pot cook olive oil, ba­nana shal­lots and gar­lic together for 15 min­utes. » Add red bell pep­pers and sea­son with salt. Cook for 15 more min­utes.

» Cut toma­toes in half and grate it, then add the grated toma­toes to the mix and cook for 30 more min­utes at a very slow heat.

» Add saf­fron to the mix­ture and let it rest at room tem­per­a­ture while pre­par­ing the stock.

caldo (prawn stock)

100ml olive oil

2kg cara­bineros 200g white onions, diced 100g car­rots, diced

4 tbps to­mato sauce

1 tbsp smoked sweet pa­prika 150ml white wine

3 litres fish stock 100g fen­nel, diced » In a pan sauté prawns for 2 min­utes, then set aside and add onions.

» Cook it for 10 min­utes then add car­rots. » Cook for an­other 10 min­utes then add to­mato sauce and pa­prika.

» Cook it for 10 more min­utes, at slow heat, be­fore adding white wine.

» After a minute – when the al­co­hol has evap­o­rated – add fish stock and fen­nel. » Re­move prawns from the broth. Then sep­a­rate the head, body and tail of each prawn. Add the heads to the broth, and save the tails and bod­ies for paella.

» Once broth is brought to a boil, keep the heat low and al­low it to sim­mer for 45 min­utes be­fore set­ting aside for 15 min­utes.

» Strain the broth (re­mem­ber to squeeze out the juice from the prawn heads).


2 litres caldo

400ml sofrito

100ml olive oil

800g ce­bolla rice (avail­able from Se­crets Fine Food) fine salt, to taste red prawns’ tails red prawns » Bring prawn stock to boil.

» In a paella pan, add paella base, olive oil and rice together and cook it at medium heat for 5 min­utes.

» Once the grains are fried a lit­tle add prawn stock and salt. Stir un­til the grains are well mixed with the broth, and cook it at medium heat for 15 min­utes. (Al­ways check that the rice is sim­mer­ing on the pan. Do not stir the rice dur­ing the cook­ing, just keep mov­ing the pan.)

» 2 min­utes be­fore the rice is fin­ished, add red prawn tails and prawns on it.

» After 15 min­utes, re­move the pan from the stove and cover it with alu­minum foil – to ab­sorb the re­main­ing drops of stock. » After rest­ing for 10 min­utes, the paella is ready to be served.

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