Epicure - - MASTERCLAS­S -

Serves 6

Prep time 2.5 hours + 3 days fer­ment­ing Cook time 1.5 hours

tomato salsa

35g toma­toes, finely diced 15ml olive oil

0.5g salt

2ml Ja­panese rice vine­gar 0.5g ground black pep­per ground

1.1 Com­bine all in­gre­di­ents and toss well.

Man­darin kosho

100g green chill­ies 5g green chilli padi 10g Hi­malayan pink salt 10g Man­darin or­ange zest 10g or­ange zest 15ml Man­darin or­ange juice

2.1 Mix all in­gre­di­ents well. Place in a ster­ilised ma­son jar and fer­ment at room tem­per­a­ture for 3 days.

dashi stock

20g hi­daka kombu (avail­able from Medi-ya Su­per­mar­ket)

5 litres water

100g kat­suobushi (avail­able from Me­dia-ya Su­per­mar­ket)

3.1 In a large pot, start­ing at room tem­per­a­ture, bring all in­gre­di­ents to 60°C. Main­tain tem­per­a­ture for 1 hour, then strain.

crab roe emul­sion 50g leeks 150g crab roe 50g Man­darin kosho dashi stock 4.1 Com­bine leeks, crab roe, shio dashi and fer­mented Man­darin kosho in a vac­cum bag and sous-vide for 30 min­utes at 90°C.

4.2 Place crab roe mix­ture in Vi­ta­mix and blend with home­made dashi un­til a thick con­sis­tency is ob­tained.

court bouil­lon

1.5 litres water 4 lemons

20g thyme

1.5 litres white wine 10g black pep­per­corn 2g bay leaf 200g leeks 200g 5 whole gar­lic

5.1 Place all in­gre­di­ents in a pot and bring to a boil. Re­serve for blanch­ing crab.

Alaskan king crab

Live Alaskan king crab 1 piece (2-2.5kg) court bouil­lon

6.1 Break the king crab up - legs and body.

6.2 Poach in court bouil­lon – 3 min­utes for the legs, 5 min­utes for the body.

black bean man­tou

20g white sugar

7g in­stant yeast

300ml warm water, at 35°C 500g Hong Kong flour

60g Chi­nese fer­mented black beans, finely chopped

5g salt flakes

8g bak­ing pow­der

7.1 Com­bine sugar, yeast and water for 45 min­utes to pre-fer­ment.

7.2 Mix flour, black beans, salt and bak­ing pow­der to­gether.

7.3 Af­ter pre-fer­men­ta­tion is com­pleted, grad­u­ally pour it into the flour mix­ture. Use your fin­gers to stir mix­ture un­til it turns crumbly.

7.4 Knead dough to a smooth and elas­tic tex­ture (dust with Hong Kong flour as needed when knead­ing).

7.5 Spray canola oil on a bowl, place the dough in the bowl and proof for 1 hour.

7.6 Af­ter proof­ing, knead dough to re­move air bub­bles and por­tion into 20g pieces.

7.7 Use a rolling pin to flat­ten the dough, then roll in­wards to form like a cylin­der (like a Swiss roll).

7.8 Place each roll onto a piece of parch­ment pa­per and proof for an­other hour.

7.9 Once it has proofed for an hour, steam for 12 min­utes.

assem­bly jack­fruit, cut into small pieces shiso, cut into small pieces ji­cama, sliced thinly on a man­do­line

8.1 Grill crab legs and black bean man­tou for 1 minute, ide­ally on a char­coal grill, and place asym­met­ri­cally off the cen­ter of the plate. 8.2 Sauce with crab roe emul­sion.

8.3 Gar­nish with tomato salsa, jack­fruit, shiso, and ji­cama.



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