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Serves 1

Prep time 5 hours + 12 hours de­hy­drat­ing + 8 hours soak­ing + 2 hours chill­ing

Cook time 2 hours

scal­lop broth

10g hi­daka kombu 700ml water 40g dried scal­lops 10g bonito flakes

1.1 Com­bine all in­gre­di­ents in a vac­uum bag and sous-vide at 85°C for 30 min­utes.

1.2 Cool to room tem­per­a­ture and strain.

con­fit gar­lic

1kg gar­lic, peeled 1 liter corn oil

2.1 Place gar­lic and corn oil in a pot and sim­mer un­til gar­lic is soft and golden brown. 2.2 Re­move gar­lic from oil and keep chilled.

con­fit tomato

500g vine-on cherry toma­toes olive oil

3.1 Wash and pat dry toma­toes. 3.2 Place tomato in a heat­proof con­tainer and cover with olive oil. 3.3 Bake for 15 min­utes at 200°C. chin­chalok emul­sion 100ml scal­lop broth 100g chin­chalok 1g ground black pep­per 10ml lemon juice 4g shio kombu 40g con­fit gar­lic 50g con­fit tomato 50ml gar­lic oil 150ml olive oil

4.1 Place all the in­gre­di­ents ex­cept gar­lic and olive oil in a blender.

4.2 Mix gar­lic oil and olive oil in a sep­a­rate bowl.

4.3 Blend in­gre­di­ents at high speed un­til a fine paste is formed.

4.4 Lower speed and grad­u­ally pour in olive oil mix­ture to emul­sify, un­til a thick con­sis­tency is ob­tained.

smoked dried chili

10 dried bird’s eye chilies water olive oil

5.1 Soak chill­ies in boil­ing water for 30 min­utes, drain away the liq­uid and pat dry.

5.2 Smoke chill­ies on char­coal for 15 min­utes. 5.3 Slice chilies thinly and soak in olive oil. Set aside.

nori tare

100ml sake 150ml mirin 20g young ginger slice

15g nori sheet 150ml shoyu

20g palm sugar 20ml fish sauce

10g ke­cap ma­nis

1ml Ja­panese sesame oil 30g roma tomato

3g minced gar­lic 3g 20g roasted caram­lised ba­con

6.1 Com­bine sake and mirin, boil and re­duce the mix­ture to 85ml.

6.2 Grill young ginger on both sides un­til slightly charred.

6.3 Grill nori sheet on char­coal un­til crisp.

6.4 Place all the in­gre­di­ents in a large vac­uum bag and seal fully.

6.5 Cook in sous vide water bath at 70°C for 1 hour 30 min­utes.

kaf­fir lime leaves pow­der 50g kaf­fir lime leaves

7.1 Re­move stem and blanch in boil­ing water for 5 sec­onds and cool rapidly in an ice bath. 7.2 Pat dry with kitchen tower, place in de­hy­dra­tor for 12 hours and blitz with Vi­ta­mix un­til a fine pow­der is ob­tained.

chi­nese black olive oil

50g pit­ted Chi­nese black olives 150ml olive oil

8.1 Quar­ter the olives and de­hy­drate un­til dry and hard.

8.2 Com­bine in­gre­di­ents in a blender and blend un­til fine.

8.3 Seal in a vac­uum back and cook in a sous vide water bath at 70°C for 3 hours.


500g soya bean 3 litres water

9.1 Soak soya bean in water for 8 hours or overnight to re­hy­drate.

9.2 Drain the water.

9.3 Di­vide beans into 3 equal por­tions.

9.4 Blend one por­tion of beans with 1 litre of water un­til very smooth and pour onto a colan­der that is lined with cheese­cloth. Re­peat with the re­main­ing beans.

9.5 Twist the cheese cloth and ex­tract the re­main­ing soy milk.

9.6 Place soy milk in a pot, bring to a boil, and sim­mer for 15 min­utes.

9.7 Pour soy milk into a metal tray set on a bain-marie, and let the mix­ture cool down to 80°C, at which point the yuba will start to form.

umeshu sour 500ml umeshu 3g pectin 5g sugar 50g egg white 80ml umeshu

10.1 Boil 500ml of umeshu, and re­duce in vol­ume to 250ml.

10.2 Mix pectin with sugar.

10.3 Boil the re­duced umeshu, grad­u­ally add in pectin mix­ture, and cook for 5 sec­onds. Re­move from heat and cool pan in ice bath. This is the umeshu re­duc­tion.

10.4 Whip egg white into meringue, then slowly pour in 80ml of umeshu and con­tinue whip­ping un­til meringue is firm.

10.5 Com­bine umeshu re­duc­tion and umeshu meringue, pour into siphon and charge with ni­trous ox­ide. Set in chiller for at least 2 hours be­fore use.

tiger prawn

1 tiger prawn, 250g

11.1 Peel and de­vein prawn.

11.2 Grill prawn lightly, ide­ally over char­coal, un­til medium in done­ness.

assem­bly peach cru­dité (fresh peach sliced on a man­do­line slicer) akame sprouts

12.1 Lay prawn asym­met­ri­cally off the cen­ter of the plate.

12.2 Sauce with chincalok emul­sion, dot with oil of Chi­nese black olive and pieces of smoked dried chilli.

12.3 Place pieces of yuba around the prawn, fol­lowed by slices of peach cru­dité.

12.4 Sprin­kle kaf­fir lime leaves pow­der, and gar­nish with akame sprouts.

12.5 Fin­ish with the umeshu sour be­side the prawn.


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