(Spiced Oc­to­pus leg with Lemon Potato, Radish, Bot­targa May­on­naise) In­spired by the Si­cil­ian oc­to­pus and potato cold salad, this re­work of the clas­sic salad dish show­cases the light and creamy flavours of bot­targa may­on­naise, com­ple­ment­ing the charred, crunchy oc­to­pus leg. Serves 1 Prep time 2 hours Cook time 40 min­utes

bot­targa may­on­naise 10g bot­targa pow­der hot water

70g may­on­naise ½ lemon

» Juice lemon through a strainer into a large mea­sur­ing cup. Set aside.

» In a pot, soften the bot­targa pow­der in hot water, and then mix it with may­on­naise and lemon juice.

spiced oc­to­pus leg 5g fen­nel seeds 2g sweet pa­parika 4g dried chill­ies 3g black pep­per­corn 1 large oc­to­pus leg 100g pota­toes 1 lemon zest a pinch of sweet pa­prika pow­der a hand­ful of fresh Ital­ian pars­ley leaves ex­tra vir­gin olive oil

1 clove of gar­lic, crushed

» Mix fen­nel seeds, sweet pa­parika, dried chill­ies and black pep­per­corn in a food pro­ces­sor and grind them to­gether.

» Set oc­to­pus in a large pot with enough water cover and bring the water to a sim­mer. Cook the leg for 45 min­utes.

» In an­other pot, boil the pota­toes un­til soft and then crushed it with a fork.

» Mix lemon zest, juice, pa­prika pow­der and pars­ley leaves with the crushed pota­toes. » In a small pan, heat ex­tra vir­gin olive oil and gar­lic, fol­lowed by oc­to­pus leg and mixed dried spices. Pan-sear for five min­utes.

assem­bly pick­led white and red radish, diced » Assem­ble ac­cord­ing to photos or as de­sired.

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