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In My Blood

Serves 4

• 4 eggs

• 200 grams flat-leaf pars­ley • 1 piece of horse­rad­ish

• 1 lime

• Salted but­ter • Grape­seed oil • Roughly tear the flat-leaf pars­ley with stems, rinse and dry thor­oughly. Fry the eggs in salted but­ter on a small pan about 10 cen­time­tres in di­am­e­ter and add plenty of grated horse­rad­ish.

• In a sep­a­rate pan, flash fry the torn flat-leaf pars­ley in plenty of grape­seed oil. Take cau­tion, as it will splat­ter. Place the snails on top of the pars­ley once it has ceased splat­ter­ing. Let the pars­ley char on one side (take cau­tion, as it hap­pens very fast), then use tongs or tweez­ers to re­move the pars­ley and snails from the oil and let drain on a pa­per towel. Sprin­kle with grated lime rind and plenty of salt.

• Place each fried egg on a plate. Ar­range the flat-leaf pars­ley and snails around the yolk so that the white is com­pletely cov­ered.

“To me, the kitchen is a kitchen. It is where we cook. I am si­mul­ta­ne­ously so free in my mind and so fo­cused that I play in the kitchen - maybe ran­dom things meet on the cut­ting board, maybe they meet in my head, maybe the dish is con­ceived some­where in be­tween ”

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