Get on the express(o) bandwagon as we check out the latest latte art trend and the single origin coffees to drink now. By Victoria Lim


Get on board the latest java trends

‘Single origin coffee is the kind of buzz-phrase that will make java snobs’ ears perk up, and with good reason. It refers to coffee that comes from a specific region, whether it’s a collective of farms, a particular farm or even a single field. We spoke to some of the city best java joints to find out where they source their single origin coffee beans.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

Acacia Hills Estate is located in Ngorongoro, one of three main coffee regions of Northern Tanzania. Ngorongoro is a unique coffee growing landscape with varying altitude, from as low as 1,000 to 2,000 metres above sea level and up. The farm itself is the highest altitude farm in the region and they have planted the Geisha and Pacamara varieties at the very top at 1, 900 metres, while the lower altitudes are dedicated to Bourbon and Kent varieties. The flavour notes: butterscot­ch and blood orange.

Country: Tanzania Producer: Acacia Hills Altitude: 1,600 – 1,900m Varietal: Bourbon

Cowpresso Coffee

The soils of Mount Elgon in the Bugisu sub-region in Eastern Uganda are enriched with heavy rainfall, which makes this lot rich in resources with room for growth. The coffee flavour exudes fruitiness, oranges, sweet grapes with hint of woodsiness and a balanced citrus acidity.

Country: Uganda Producer: The Captian’s Coffee Altitude: 1,400 - 2,200m Varietal: Robusta

Hook Coffee

Honduras coffee is known for its strong and robust profile as proven by the beans grown on this small farm in Finca La Florida. You get an aromatic dark Italian roast with hints of burnt caramel and sweet dates for a satisfying­ly bitterswee­t finish.

Country: Honduras Producer: Rufino Dominguez López Altitude: 1,600m Varietal: Catuai

The Tiny Roasters

This Bourbon cultivar bean is grown on the Los Pirineos farm. The cold climate and fertile growing conditions in this areamake uo for the medium altitudes. The cold nights slow the maturation and leads to a fragrant flavour profile. The beans are dried carefully on raised beds for about 20 days, to achieve notes of tropical fruit, organic apple cider and plums.

Country: El Salvador

Producer: Gilberto Baraona

Altitude: 1,450m

Varietal: Bourbon

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