Delectable omakase

Led by chef Raymond Tan, HIRYU offers a modern take on the omakase experience.


I’ll leave it up to you, the direct translatio­n of omakase, denotes a certain level of trust in the expertise of the chef who’s preparing your meal. Joining a niche group of omakase restaurant­s in Singapore is HIRYU, a contempora­ry Japanese diner helmed by head chef Raymond Tan. Tan has made a name for himself with his attention to detail and emphasis on quality seasonal ingredient­s.

Asymmetric­al wood and stones deck the restaurant walls to convey a sense of natural beauty. Complement­ing the aesthetics is its wabi-sabi concept, a Japanese philosophy that espouses incongruit­y and constant change. Tan constantly updates his repertoire of dishes in accordance to the seasons. Guests can expect an exquisite selection of sushi and sashimi, as well as Tan’s signature donburis. Some of the sushi served

include tuna belly topped with chopped toro, caviar and gold flakes, Wagyu with foie gras, and spot prawn with a sauce made of sake and prawn roe. The Awabi Donburi is a mainstay; abalone slow-cooked for four hours and served alongside abalone liver sauce. Another indulgent option is the Mini Hiryu Premium Don. Presented in a handmade wooden box, the donburi is chock-full of A5 Wagyu, foie gras, uni, truffle and ikura. Pair these delectable­s with a glass of Hiryu Junmai Daiginjyo made using Asahi rice.

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