Maine Lob­ster Hokkien Noo­dle The best way to eat this na­tional dish: pork lard with ev­ery spoon­ful.

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Serves 2

Prep time 2 hours Cook time 15 min­utes

lob­ster stock

• 4 lob­ster heads • 500g pork bones

• 3 litres wa­ter

• 50g rock sugar • 50g gin­ger, crushed • 100g pork belly

• 1 tsp salt

» In a pot, bring lob­ster heads, pork bones, wa­ter, rock sugar and gin­ger to a boil. Then add in the pork belly and leave it to sim­mer un­til ten­der or for 1.5 hours.

» Cut the cooked pork belly into strips.

» Strain the lob­ster stock, then set aside.

lob­ster stock

• 2 whole Maine lob­sters • 50g pork lard

• 320g yel­low noo­dles • 60g thin rice ver­mi­celli • 30g gar­lic, chopped

• 2 eggs

• 120g bean sprouts • 600ml lob­ster stock • fish sauce, to taste

• *JQ’S Kam­pot white pep­per, to taste • 100g squid rings

• 100g cooked pork belly strips

• 40g Chi­nese chives, chopped

» Cut, deshell and clean the lob­sters. Keep the tip of the head for gar­nish.

» In a heated wok, add pork lard and stir-fry the yel­low noo­dles and thin rice ver­mi­celli un­til you get the wok hei. Re­move and set aside.

» In the same wok, add chopped gar­lic and fry un­til golden brown. Crack in the eggs and stir-fry un­til cooked. Add bean sprouts, and noo­dles and fry un­til aro­matic.

» Add in the lob­ster stock and braise the noo­dles over low heat, for about 2 min­utes or un­til the lob­ster stock is dry (ab­sorbed by the noo­dles).

» Ad­just the flavours ac­cord­ing to your pref­er­ence with fish sauce and Kam­pot white pep­per.

» Add the lob­ster meat, squid rings and pork belly strips, and let it sim­mer for two min­utes.

» Gar­nish with Chi­nese chives and serve with sam­bal and cala­mansi on the side.

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