United Steaks of Amer­ica

When it comes to a well-mar­bled steak, U.S. beef ticks all the right boxes.

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Ask any top-notch steak­house around the world what’s the se­cret to its suc­cess and one of the an­swers will always be this: premium U.S. beef. It’s no se­cret that U.S. beef de­liv­ers flavour, ten­der­ness and juici­ness in a way that is ar­guably equalled by no other meat. The fig­ures speak for themselves: 25.8 bil­lion pounds of U.S. beef were pro­duced in 2018 alone.

With over 80 pure­breds (the three primary cat­e­gories are Bos Indi­cus, Bos Tau­rus Con­ti­nen­tal, and Bos Tau­rus Bri­tish a.k.a. An­gus), cat­tle pro­duc­tion takes place in all 50 states of Amer­ica. Due to their mas­sive pas­tures, the ma­jor­ity is bred in Texas, Ne­braska, Iowa and Win­con­sin. Calves are raised on a cow-calf farms, where they are weaned at six months. They are then placed in feed yards for a min­i­mum of 4 – 6 months and fed with high qual­ity roughage and feed­grains mainly corn. The best cuts of beef sports a rich mar­bling of fat through­out, a pur­ple-red hue and yields an en­vi­ably tender tex­ture.

Only when the cat­tle are processed will the grad­ing as­sess­ment be done by a United States Depart­ment of Agri­cul­ture (USDA) cer­ti­fied grader. Although the USDA di­vides beef into eight grades, only the top five ever make it on din­ers’ plates. The rest are known as processed and canned meats. The top three dis­tinc­tions – Prime, Choice and Select, in de­scend­ing or­der – are graded ac­cord­ing to mar­bling. Only three per­cent of beef, taken from young, well-fed cat­tle, make this Prime grade an­nu­ally.

Not only is U.S. beef scrump­tious, it is a nu­tri­ent­dense meat that supplies a large share of es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents. Stud­ies have shown that beef con­tains nine times as much vi­ta­min B-12, over twice as much iron and four times as much zinc as chicken. Plus, the ma­jor­ity of the iron in beef is known as heme iron and is five times more avail­able to the body than iron found in other foods.

Pres­i­dent and chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer, Dan Hal­strom, sums it up best. “U.S. beef pro­vides a unique and high-qual­ity din­ing ex­pe­ri­ence from a wide range of cuts. So it can be en­joyed in a va­ri­ety of set­tings – from in-home prepa­ra­tion to fam­ily-style ca­sual din­ing to very high-end steak­houses. There’s some­thing for everyone”.

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