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Serves 2

Prep time 30 min­utes Cook time 35 min­utes


• 60g car­rots • 50g celery • 30g onion • 75g gar­lic • olive oil

• 80g toma­toes

1.1 Finely chop car­rots, celery, onion and gar­lic. 1.2 Heat up olive oil in pan. Cook for 45 min­utes.

1.3 Grate the toma­toes. Add to the pan and cook for 30 min­utes. rice

• 40g sofrito

• 65g Bomba rice

• 0.5g saf­fron

• 0.5g sweet pa­prika

• 10g pars­ley oil

• 70g red wine

• 80g duck stock

• 20g beef jus

• 5g but­ter

• 2g pars­ley, finely chopped • salt and black pep­per

2.1 Add a driz­zle of olive oil into a medi­um­sized pan and heat it up on stove.

2.2 Sauté the sofrito, rice, saf­fron and pa­prika together, un­til the rice turns slightly translu­cent.

2.3 Deglaze with red wine and pars­ley oil. Add in duck stock and beef jus, and sim­mer for 18 min­utes.

2.4 When the rice is cooked, add the but­ter and chopped pars­ley and stir to in­cor­po­rate. 2.5 Sea­son to taste.


• 230g Span­ish blue duck breast • olive oil

• salt and pep­per

• 1 bunch of rose­mary

• 2 gar­lic cloves, whole

3.1 Pre-heat oven to 180°C.

3.2 Sea­son duck breast on both sides with olive oil, salt and pep­per.

3.3 Heat up olive oil in pan. Pan-fry the duck breast with rose­mary and gar­lic un­til the duck fat is golden brown and skin is crispy.

3.4 Trans­fer duck to the oven and cook for 2 min­utes.

3.5 Rest duck breast be­fore slic­ing.

3.6 Plate the rice with a ring mold. Gar­nish with ad­di­tional chopped pars­ley or charred, halved pearl onions, and serve along­side sliced duck breast.

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