Yu Sheng with Salmon, Sea Whelk, Co­ral Clam and Salmon Roe

Toss to greater heights with the Co­ral Clam Yu Sheng Plat­ter which fea­tures co­ral clam atop an ap­petis­ing mix of in­gre­di­ents such as yam, sweet potato, white radish, car­rot, pick­led gin­ger and pomelo.

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Recipe by Chung Yiu Ming serves

4 per­sons

prep time 1 hour

yu sheng ac­com­pa­ni­ments • a pinch of pep­per • five-spice pow­der

• 60ml plum sauce

• 50ml peanut oil


• sea whelk

• co­ral clams

• sal­mon roe

• sal­mon slices

• 30g cu­cum­ber, juli­enned • 20g white pick­led gin­ger • 80g white radish, juli­enned • 80g car­rot, juli­enned

• 30g pomelo sacs

• 30g crack­ers

• 20g crushed wal­nut

• 10g sesame seed, toasted

» Set aside pep­per, five-spice pow­der, plum sauce and peanut oil on in­di­vid­ual saucers. » As­sem­ble ac­cord­ing to pic­ture on page 84.

Recipe by Brian Wong serves

12 per­sons

prep time 30 min­utes

cook time

1 hour 30 min­utes

pineap­ple sauce

• 1kg pineap­ple, peeled and core re­moved • 30g lemon­grass

• 5g bird’s eye chilli

• 10g gin­ger flower

• 200g or­ange juice

• 60g gar­lic, minced

• 5g turmeric pow­der

• 12g chicken flavour sea­son­ing

• 30g fish sauce

• 60g fine sugar

» Cut pineap­ple into chunks and place in food pro­ces­sor to blend. Set aside.

» In an­other food pro­ces­sor, blend the lemon­grass, bird’s eye chilli and gin­ger flower.

» In a heated wok, stir fry the blended lemon­grass mix­ture un­til it reaches an aro­matic fra­grance.

» Add or­ange juice, blended pineap­ple and gar­lic, cook un­til a paste-like tex­ture is achieved.

» Add turmeric pow­der, chicken flavour sea­son­ing, fish sauce and fine sugar, stir un­til ev­ery­thing is well-mixed. Set aside.

crispy pork trot­ter

• 2kg pork trot­ter

• 2 knobs of gin­ger, sliced • 3 bay leaves

• 2 cin­na­mon sticks

• 4 pieces of liquorice

• 3g Sichuan pep­per

• 2g star anise

• 1 Chi­nese car­damom

• 2g fen­nel seeds

• 3g dried chill­ies • 30g Chi­nese wine • 30g dark soy sauce • 10g sugar

• 5g salt

» In a pot, place the pork trot­ter and fill the pot with wa­ter — un­til it cov­ers the pork trot­ter.

» Add gin­ger slices into the pot and al­low it to soak for three min­utes. This is to get rid of the gamey flavour from the pork.

» Re­move the pork trot­ter and wash it thor­oughly.

» In a dif­fer­ent pot, place the cleaned pork trot­ter and fill it with wa­ter — un­til it cov­ers the pork trot­ter. Add the re­main­ing in­gre­di­ents and bring it to a boil.

» Once the wa­ter is boil­ing, turn the fire down and slow cook it for 45 min­utes.

» Re­move the cooked pork trot­ter, drain then leave it out for the skin to dry.

» In a wok, heat the oil to 160ºc and deep-fry the pork trot­ter un­til a crisp skin is achieved.

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