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A fresh start

The “Singapore summer” is upon us, where it simply means the weather gets hotter and more humid this time of year. Since there won’t be any respite from the sweltering heat until the rainy season, it’s best to #stayhome and chill, literally (we suggest cooling down with the refreshing Native Garden drink on p58).

There’s much to be thankful for, even though at time of writing Singapore has re-imposed restrictio­ns on gatherings and leisure/business activities, including no dining-in at restaurant­s.

So whether you choose delivery, takeaways or prefer to whip up your own meals at home, let’s enjoy fully what nature has to offer under sunny skies.

Celebrate the season with our Cover story on Cuca (p20) and Entertaini­ng feature on Rumari (p24) – two restaurant­s in Bali with menus that celebrate tropical flavours and local ingredient­s. As for refreshing tipples, explore the world of English sparkling wine (p52) in Vine Expectatio­ns, while Master of Wine Richard Hemming suggests raising your glass to rosé (p60).

Summer has always been associated with growth and freedom, which is why we talked to rising stars, chefs Sun Kim of Meta (p12), DeAille Tam of Obscura (p16), and MasterChef Singapore Season Two winner Derek Cheong (p67) on their achievemen­ts and plans for the future.

This is the perfect time to explore healthier alternativ­e cooking methods (p40), and discover sustainabl­e options for our groceries (p64). While we wait for restrictio­ns to be lifted, consider the many businesses we can support – our round-up of newly opened and revamped omakase restaurant­s (p36) is a way to start.

I won’t say bon appétit (p62);

instead I wish everyone a healthy summer season ahead.

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