400g tuna loin, sashimi grade

1pc whole coconut 400g coconut milk 10g agar powder 20g lemongrass 20g kaffir lime leaf

Burn whole coconut until outside husk is thoroughly charred.

Open coconut, store water and meat separately.

Blend meat, water and coconut milk together until it becomes smooth.

Heat up mixture in a pan. Add lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf.

Add agar powder into mixture, turning it into cream. Bring it close to boil and remove from fire.

Strain cream and put it into a squeeze bottle.

Pour coconut oil into mixing bowl. Place plenty of ice under bowl to ensure oil stays cold.

Start squeezing drops of coconut cream into the oil to form coconut caviar.

Keep caviar in coconut oil until ready to serve.


35g fish stock 10g shallot, brunoise 5g big red chilli, brunoise 10g lemongrass, finely chopped 10g lime leaf, thinly sliced 50ml coconut oil 4g lemon zest 2g shrimp paste 8g lemon juice 4g agar powder

Heat fish stock and add agar powder. Boil, put it aside and let it cool down until set.

Combine all remaining ingredient­s and blend until smooth.

Add fish stock into blender and blend together.

Strain mixture and adjust seasoning. Store in squeeze bottle for plating.


250g ripe avocado 25g lemon juice 50g coconut oil Bamboo roasted sea salt, to taste

Dice peeled avocado. Mix with lemon juice, coconut oil and seasoning. Blend mixture to purée. Strain mixture and store in squeeze bottle.


10g begonia edible flower

5g sea salt 40g ginger torch baby petal

10g kemangi basil petal

10g ice plant 20g sambal matah emulsion 5g black pepper 30g Kaviari Kristal Caviar

Cut tuna into rectangle shape, 10cmx10cm, 2cm thick. Wrap tuna and store in chiller.

Remove tuna from chiller. Torch tuna evenly on both sides and thinly slice it to 10cm long and 2mm thick portions.

Place plastic film on table and line the sliced tuna, overlappin­g each other by 1cm.

Place kemangi basil and ginger torch baby petal on top of thinly sliced tuna. Season to taste. Roll tuna to form a crown.


Spread avocado purée on plate. Place crown of tuna on top.

Add coconut caviar and edible flowers in between the tuna crown’s layers.

Add dollops of sambal matah emulsion and caviar.

“Responsibl­e sourcing, organic produce and traceabili­ty have always been part of Rumari’s identity since day one. Only two ingredient­s on this recipe are imported – the agar powder and caviar. The rest are local.”

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