250g butternut pumpkin 80g red chilli paste 10ml stingless honey 10g arenga organic palm sugar 5g bamboo roasted sea salt 5g black pepper 20g cumin powder


40pcs dried red chillies 2tbsp white wine vinegar 4tbsp vegetable oil Water, as needed


50g cashew nuts


500ml water

200g sugar

200g white wine vinegar 10g long pepper 1pc bay leaf

2pcs cloves

20g Kusamba sea salt 100g pumpkin, sliced


50g red cabbage, shredded 20g cumin powder 10g chilli 10g long pepper 1pc bay leaf

2pc cloves 20g Kusamba sea salt


10ml stingless honey 10g lemon juice 20g extra virgin olive oil


Pumpkin seeds Edible flower petals

For pickled pumpkin and red cabbage sauerkraut, mix all ingredient­s and store in jar. The pickling process must be done overnight or even a few days beforehand.

For red chilli paste, put dried red chillies in a bowl. Pour in hot water and set it aside to soak for 30 minutes. Then add chillies, vinegar and two tablespoon­s of water from the soaked chillies into a blender.

Heat oil in a pan, pour hot oil over chilli paste and mix well. Transfer into a clean, air tight jar and refrigerat­e.

For pumpkin, peel butternut pumpkin. Cut with cylinder, 10cm diameter and 5cm thick. Mix red chilli paste, stingless

honey, palm sugar, sea salt, black pepper and cumin powder and rub onto pumpkin. Roast pumpkin in oven at 170ºC for 30 minutes.

Place pumpkin seeds on top of roasted pumpkin, scale-like.

For cashew cream, roast cashews in oven at 170ºC until golden brown. Then soak them overnight in water. Blend cashews until it turns into a smooth paste.

For vinaigrett­e, mix all ingredient­s in a bowl and emulsify with hand blender. Season to taste.


Form a cashew cream circle.

Roll pickled pumpkin into flower. Garnish centre with red cabbage and place in the corner of the cashew cream circle.

Place roasted pumpkin onto plate. Garnish with edible flowers.

Pour vinaigrett­e into cashew cream circle upon serving.

“We work with Made Cuplis, an organic stingless bee farmer from Bali, for our honey. Sunria Organic Farm supplies us with a myriad of artisanal produce from Java such as arenga organic palm sugar and bamboo roasted sea salt which contribute­s to the unique flavour of this dish. All of its ingredient­s are Indonesian.”

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