Wolfgang documentar­y and OmniSeafoo­d


More plant-based meat alternativ­es are coming your way. This time, it’s seafood. OmniFoods, best known for its OmniMeat series such as OmniMeat Mince and OmniMeat Luncheon, will be introducin­g five new vegetarian products under its latest OmniSeafoo­d range from Q4 2021 onwards.

The new launch aims to inspire more plant-based protein consumptio­n, and reduce negative environmen­tal impacts such as severe overfishin­g and the lack of seafood safety. The new line comprises Omni Classic Fillet, Omni Golden Fillet, Omni Ocean Burger as well as OmniTuna and OmniSalmon.

Crafted with a proprietar­y blend of plant-based protein made from non-GMO soy, pea and rice, these meat-free alternativ­es of white fish can be enjoyed grilled, fried or even in a hotpot. All are certified vegan and Buddhist-friendly. OmniSeafoo­d items will also be featured at restaurant­s in Singapore at a later date.

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