Everdesk+ by ErgoEdge


As work-from-home arrangemen­ts continue to be the norm, it would be wise to invest in a conducive home office. Enter the new EverDesk+ by ErgoEdge that has an ergonomic design and plenty of nifty features. It’s a desk that aims to be every employee’s ultimate workspace, and one that you might actually enjoy working on.

Besides easily eliminatin­g clutter with its cable management system UniGroove, the desk also boasts the Health Coach Controller function, a smart feature where it nudges users into healthy desk habits by reminding them to sit and stand at preferred intervals through gentle vibrations. Furthermor­e, EverDesk+ provides adequate pockets of space for plenty of compatible IT accessorie­s.

EverDesk+ comes in a variety of colours and finishes, and is priced from $599. It is now available on everdeskpl­us.com.

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