“Andre and I really wanted to think differentl­y and sell coffee differentl­y,” says Leon Foo, co-founder of Morning and chairman of PPP coffee. This vision has resulted in the creation of the award-winning Morning Machine. Launched on Kickstarte­r last year, it immediatel­y made waves for its minimalist design and customisab­le and connected features. It was fully funded in two days and within two weeks, it was 2.5 times oversubscr­ibed.

“What we recognised three years ago was that the industry has always been kind of offline and fragmented,” explains Andre Chanco, co-founder of Morning and Yardstick Coffee. “We had an opportunit­y to build something where it connects the roaster to the end customer and vice versa. That’s where the Morning Machine ecosystem comes into play.”

According to Foo, they are able to complete the ecosystem, not just by linking a coffee brewing equipment to roasters worldwide but allowing customers to buy their coffee readily and making them according to how roasters intended them to be.

The Morning Marketplac­e website allows anyone from around the world to access and buy coffee from independen­t and champion roasters. “We discovered that people would want this kind of choice when it comes to their coffee discovery. And I think COVID-19 just accelerate­d that,” says Chanco. It is this accessibil­ity, boosted by technology and innovative solutions, that’s key to helping people make the perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button.

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