It’s official: Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling has once again partnered with the Ironman Group ( best known for the Ironman Triathlon Series) to launch the Endurance Pro Ironman and Endurance Pro Ironman Finisher timepieces. But apart from athletes, all can look forward to enjoying the ultimate athleisure timepiece with the new Endurance Pro Ironman collection. Made with Breitling’s proprietar­y Breitlight case, the watches are lighter, more resistant to scratches yet still as luxurious. While the Endurance Pro Ironman comes with a red dial featuring a black inner bezel with a pulsometer scale, the Finisher is available in black with gold accents.

The Endurance Pro Ironman is available at all Breitling boutiques and at www.breitling.com. The Finisher is exclusivel­y available for Ironman race finishers. Prices available upon request.

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