SERVES 2- 3 PREP TIME 20 mins COOK TIME 5 mins

- Art Direction & Styling Nikki Ho Photograph­y Jasper Yu, assisted by Tang Jun Wen Location & Recipes Candlenut Props (plates and cutlery) TANGS

“I wanted to make a slightly lighter version of this salad, so there’s no coconut milk and less sambal belachan compared to the original recipe.”


50g wing beans, blanced and finely sliced

10g red onions, finely sliced

10g lemongrass, finely sliced

10g baby red radish, finely sliced

10 pcs mint leaves

40g roasted cashew nuts


1/ 3 tsp sambal belachan

15 pcs calamansi limes, juiced

1½ tsp sugar


3 pcs prawns, cooked, shelled and sliced into half

10g ikan bilis, fried Coriander

Combine dressing ingredient­s and mix well.

Toss salad ingredient­s with dressing.

Dish salad into serving bowl. Garnish with prawn, ikan bilis and coriander.

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