The UK-trained Ashwin Sekaran reimagined gin in a Singapore guise with the addition of local spices, botanicals, and a heady dose of citrus. In a custommade still, he macerates the rich juniper berries and spices to the neutral spirit and to create further layers of aromas and flavours; the delicate botanicals are added to the vapour baskets positioned above the still. Sekaran calls on a trio of citrus found locally – limau kasturi (calamansi), limau nipis ( key lime), and limau purut ( kaffir lime)– and adds it to the botanical bill for the Lime Garden gin. The result is a refreshing citrusled gin, perfect for a gimlet. Singapore Distillery offers more locally inspired flavours like Coconut Pandan and Singapore Sling, each with its unique recipe. The gin rests for three weeks post distillati­on and bottled at 42% ABV strength. $69.90

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