Cooking spaghetti bolognese has never felt this amusing.


Artisanal Italian pasta, but make it Barbie. The franchise has teamed up with Italy’s best-selling pasta maker Di Martino to release a collection aimed at promoting a fun cooking time for all families.

Bags of spaghetti, genovesine mezzani rigate, and alfabeto, among others, teem with whimsical pink hues reminiscen­t of the beloved doll. A selection of five pasta shapes curated for kids come together in a vintage-style tin, which also includes a Barbie apron for the little ones.

The noodles are pure Di Martino, a family-owned pasta business based in Gragnano, Naples, a town known for the pedigree of its dried pasta. The company, founded in 1912, produces more than 9,000 tonnes of pasta a day in more than 120 shapes to be purchased, taken home, or enjoyed at the finest tables globally.

If you do get your hands on a tin, the best way to prepare them is by following the recipe booklets included within each Barbie Pasta Set. The delicious recipes are developed by Di Martino in collaborat­ion with the Department of Experiment­al Medicine of the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli (Italy) for balanced nutrition. Pro tip: Always keep the pasta al dente, firm to the bite, to enhance the flavour of your dish and reduce its glycemic index.

In Singapore, the Barbie Pasta Collection is distribute­d by Jupiter 57 – a leading importer of historic and artisan Italian brands. The company was establishe­d in 2004 by Cavaliere Dottoressa Giuseppina Pravato, with a mission to champion Italian cultural heritage and promote the traditiona­l methods and recipes of Italian cooking. Perhaps nothing says this better than the quality produce it brings in from the peninsula, ranging from confection­eries and specialty delicacies to sodas and Proseccos. Its repertoire includes reputable household brands such as Borsari, Muzzi, Fiasconaro, Tassoni, Majani, Bialetti and more. So extensive is its lineup that Jupiter 57 is now known for its handmade gift hampers, all elegantly wrapped to gift your loved ones in Singapore with the best of Italy.

The Barbie Pasta Collection is available in selected retailers around Singapore and online at www.italianpas­ta.sg.

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