300g frozen mixed red berries or other fruit

4 tbsp granulated white sugar 2 tbsp Kirsch or Cognac 600ml double cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 tbsp icing sugar

200g strawberri­es

10–12 meringue nests

A few sprigs of mint


A round metal tray with sides is ideal to display the mini pavlovas in a circle disposable piping/ pastry bag.

Set aside a few frozen berries to decorate, then mix the rest of the frozen berries with the granulated white sugar and Kirsch or Cognac, and leave to defrost for about 2 hours – the thawing process will create a syrup. Gently mix it all together just before serving.

In a mixing bowl, combine the double/heavy cream, vanilla extract and icing sugar and whisk with a hand-held electric whisk until thick and silky (don’t over-whisk or it will go lumpy). Spoon into a disposable piping bag and store in the fridge for up to 12 hours until ready to use.

Thinly slice one or two of the fresh strawberri­es vertically and pick a dozen small leaves from the sprigs of mint. Set aside.

When you are ready to serve, place the meringues on a clean work surface and spoon a pile of the thawed berries into the centre of each one. Now pipe the whipped cream around the top of the meringue piping in a circular motion until you have fully encased the berries in the cream. Stick a slither of fresh strawberry and some of the reserved frozen berries on the top of each mound and drizzle some syrup over the top.


Decant the remaining thawed berries and syrup into a small clean bowl and place in the centre of the tray/board. Arrange the pavlovas around the edge of the tray/board. Fill the rest of the space with the strawberri­es and add the mint sprigs to decorate. Serve with any leftover cream, if you like.

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