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“As the Philippine’s sole new entry on the 50 Best Discovery’s 2021 list, Helm by BritishFil­ipino chef Josh Boutwood is both creative and technical. His tasting menus can range from monochroma­tic colour blocks (where each colour correspond­s to a dish) to Ferdinand Magellan’s journey to the country (where every course marks each of the countries the Portuguese explorer stopped at from Spain to the Philippine­s).”

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“This restaurant in Quezon City has created a delicious narration of the Philippine­s’ bounty and heritage. One of their standout courses is LuzViMinda, named after Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao – the three main island groups in the Philippine­s. They are also featured in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant­s’ Essence of Asia collection.” hapagmnl.com


“The neo-bistro by French-Filipino chef Stephan Duhesme and his wife, Colombian-born Karen Urriago Ramos, spotlights Filipino cuisine, culture and produce through six approachab­le and memorable courses.”

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